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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I'm currently working on a CAD-ish program and we have chosen babylonjs as our 3D-engine. However, now we are about to implement some camera movements and we noticed that some of our meshes turns out to be really far away and therefore they have some really strange graphics artifacts. We are currently just drawing lines to visualize our models and we figured we wanted to translate the whole scene to the camera instead of moving the actual camera, basically always keep the mesh that we are looking at around origin. However, we are struggling with how the get the actual positions of the linesmeshes to be able to transform them. Here is a playground illustrating the problem: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#0Z00WR As noticed in the console all meshes drawn are located at 0,0,0. We are probably doing something wrong or have misunderstood something. Is there anyone who can help? Regards, Robert
  2. Hi kids! Wow, Wingnut's 2nd Q&A thread-starter IN A SINGLE DAY! Okay, I got this playground thing... https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#BFM7EX#9 It started as @adam's demo... making a bounding box from an empty mesh. Tilt the camera up/down... notice that the standard bounding box LINES... can be seen THROUGH the ground, and THROUGH the pyramid, too. I need that to remain the same. This is NOT TRUE with the yellow linesMesh. They cannot be seen thru mesh. Solve Option #1: Using the boundingbox.vectors or .vectorsWorld crap in lines 49-59, I would like to "taper" the top of the bounding box... so that it matches the pyramid contours/angles. In other words, CAN the boundingbox.vectors be adjusted... so that they match the yellow linesMesh lines? In lines 52/53, I make position adjustments to the vectors, but I can't get the bb to update (in lines 58/59). Solve Option #2: Can someone/anyone make the yellow linesMesh... ACT-LIKE the boundingBox lines? (Make yellow lines be seen THRU mesh... in some/any color.) I am working on a physics "applyImpulse location/direction indicator/icon". (huh?) This little pyramid arrow... shows users the impulsingObjects that they have created earlier. This is part of a system that can be used to put MANY pre-made points-of-impulsing into a physics scene - great for testing angle constraints and limitMotors, etc. Ideally, the pyramid arrows are clickable, too... firing the impulse that is associated-with/bound-to THAT particular "impulsing arrow". Often, the applyImpulse contact point... happens at mesh.getAbsolutePosition()... which is INSIDE-of the mesh. I would like my 4-sided pyramid "impulsing arrow" to be seen by users... even when it is inside-of a mesh. RARELY are impulse contact points set to apply force on/at the outer surfaces of a mesh/impostor. Almost always... the contact point is somewhere inside the mesh volume. I prefer NOT NEEDING-TO make the physics mesh semi-transparent. This is going to be a physics helper - part of a physics "impulse builder", so it needs to work on ANY physics-active mesh... no matter the transparency. In this version, we can see that lines from BABYLON.BoundingBoxRenderer are visible, even when "within" full-alpha mesh volumes. I just need it to be an arrow, not a box. Ideas/help greatly welcomed and appreciated! Party on!
  3. Linesmesh does not seem to have semitransparant option. It is shown or it is invisible. (LinesMesh.visibility = 0.5 has no effect). I have unsucessfully with animated visibility nor with material.alpha. Animation itself works. How do I make it smooth fade from visible to invisible ?
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