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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I've just released a game to Newgrounds and I'm getting a few reports of problems that seem to come from the save data but only on Newgrounds, the same players can play the game on my site without problems. I'm storing save variables as a json string in local storage and some players seem to be pulling save data from local storage despite never having played the game before. I have a generic name for the save object and I was wondering if this could be the problem? Maybe I'm getting save data from other games that have also used the same generic name? Has anyone come across anything like this before? See my other post for links and an instance of the problem:
  2. Hi, i recently uploaded the first version of one of my side projects, p(ape)rball. play p(ape)rball The game is a variant of Puzzle-Bobble. It currently includes one randomized endless mode with a local highscore and a dancing monkey. Not to be totally unoriginal, I also included bombs and bricks. Bricks can only be removed by clearing the surrounding items. Bombs explode if you connect them with three items of the same color. The current Version of the game automatically scales to various display sizes (on startup). The last screenshot shows the iPhone 4 version of the game. Please let me know what you think about the current gameplay. Cheers, David
  3. Hello everyone, I had an idea for a tool to create game data, like sprites or tiles. I'm going to attempt it in HTML5 and shoot for mobile devices. But I anted to get your thoughts on storage of this data? Since I would be dealing with potentially lots of small images as well as table like data... I suppose the game data can easily be stored as text via json, but should I even consider storing the images a base64 data, instead of binary? Then ultimately, what about storage locally on the device, like combining all the data into something like a a game save file (for transport later)? I know that indexedDB is not supported on IOS/Safari (so says ... The one thought I did have was maybe wrapping this idea within PhoneGap and using a wrapper for Sqlite... Let me know your thoughts, Thanks, Dower