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Found 6 results

  1. I'm currently experimenting and porting A game from v2 to v3 (fun). Is there any way we can lock A GameObject to A camera, similar to fixedToCamera? Mostly for locking UI related objects to the main viewport for instance.
  2. Hi, I try to lock the pointer without the PointerLock API. I want to do it with "engine.isPointerLock". I have created a PG https://playground.babylonjs.com/#MVQB59. If you press "Q" the camera will turn in the direction of the mouse movement. Now the questions. 1) How can I fix the Pointer arrow in the center of the scene after pressing "Q"? 2) Is it possible to hide the standard cursor after pressing "Q"? I would really appreciate your help.
  3. How can we lock arc camera so we can not set camera with mouse up or down ? gretings Ian
  4. Hi there, I'm having a bit of a problem with camera controls and multiple scenes, I'm developping a web solution with multiple scenes (allowing me to lower memory and ressources usage and "removing" the dynamic light limit ). The only issue I'm having is that when switching from a scene to an other and locking the controls of the "old" scene with "old_scene.detachControl(renderCanvas, false);" the camera controls are still applied to the camera in the "old_scene". So, when I click and drag on the renderCanvas in a scene, the cameras in all scenes are rotating, even if the controls are supposed to be detached. I guess it's related to the way BabylonJS handles eventListeners... Any suggestion ? I can't really make a demo to show the issue for now, but I hope I was clear enough...
  5. Hey guys, Was just wondering if anyone has worked out a way to constrain multiple sprites together using the Arcade engine in a similar way to the P2 method? I'm mainly looking for an equivalent of the lock constraint but I guess any of them would be useful - right now i'm setting the x/y position in the update function and it's got a visible lag - any ideas?
  6. Hi everyone, is there any way how to detect and pause game when iOS (7) device is locked? When I lock my device during the game, it still runs on background. It also happens when I leave browser (Safari, Chrome) with the home button and then resume. Everything works fine on Android devices or when I switch tabs on iOS. I have "disableVisibilityChange" set to "false" and pausing the game with the "this.game.onPause" event. You can play the game on: http://brainie.strangevillage.com/brainie_test/ Thanks!
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