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Found 3 results

  1. Play the Cute Chibiusa Maker here: https://www.dressupwho.com/games/cute-chibiusa-maker/ This Sailor Moon-inspired dress-up game sure is an awesome character creator game, and it showcases an amazing doll maker design challenge featuring a beautiful color palette. You can customize and create your own unique Chibi with facial features, eye shapes, hairstyle, and outfits. You can also create incredible combinations of hairstyle and accessories! Come play and create an ordinary girl, an angel, a sailor moon inspired character, Disney inspired character, an anime inspired character, a fairy, or a demon. Enjoy and have fun playing Cute Chibiusa Maker game today!
  2. Hi,My name is Huan. I am an illustrator with strong anime/manga genre influenced art style.Do drop me an email if you are seeking for character design, promotional concept etcEmail: [email protected]: http://toukairin.deviantart.com
  3. Hello Phaser Team, I just want to drop a quick note about how our company has used phaser.io as a way to render manga created by our app. We have experimented with multiple ways of displaying our user created manga content. 1. canvas blocks that compiles phaser.io 2. a single canvas that renders. At the moment, we still haven't found a solution that gives perfectly compatible, fast, fluid, no memory crashing, ios wkwebview + android webview no flashing, no texture crazy display of our content. However, we are still trying different ways. I am not sure if the app can be downloaded but it is available through most of the Chinese Android platforms: 触漫, and on iOS it is also called 触漫 (Touch Manga). This is an example links of the output rendering manga: method1: (still abit ugly, please ignore the none manga ui elements) http://qnp.chumanapp.com/m/index.html?json_id=f19e67d21525de09c4ef355534f5feff&locale=zh-hans-hk http://qnp.chumanapp.com/m/index.html?json_id=771c3d00ad117546555460b60c22f099&locale=zh-hans-hk http://qnp.chumanapp.com/m/index.html?json_id=4b8f1ac51296b46dae89bef29ebd2cae&locale=zh-hans-hk method2 links are not yet live. Please feel free to leave comments and such.
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