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Found 24 results

  1. Portfolio: https://elrieya.wixsite.com/gallery Demo Reel: Let me know if you are interested! Thanks!
  2. Hi,My name is Huan. I am an illustrator with strong anime/manga genre influenced art style.Do drop me an email if you are seeking for character design, promotional concept etcEmail: [email protected]: http://toukairin.deviantart.com
  3. We are looking for a remote artist for our mobile game design team. This is a paid position in a professional and established work environment. Our design team has produced art for some of the world's leading brands for over a decade. Art styles range from concept/painted styles to 'pop' vector. This position will start with a few hours per week, but the proper candidate should be ready to move to full time if they are meeting requirements. We need you available and online in our team backend between 9AM and 4PM EST (US) timezone. The position requires strong experience in mobile game art such as animation and typical 2d art workflow as you will be working with animation and development team coordinators with each project. Strong experience in Photoshop CC+ is mandatory, so speed and familiarity with the software is essential. This is a faced paced environment. The right candidate will be comfortable in this environment. The right candidate will have the potential to remain with us as a career, as many already have. Ideally we are looking for an artist who can switch between vector and realistic art styles, but a strong candidate in only one area will be considered. Experience in 3D applications and rendering workflow a plus! Sometimes we may need to render pre-created 3D models into 2D sprites for animating in software. We are looking for an artist who is passionate about creating art and have their own ideas in parallel to the direction our staff will provide. For example, if we show you a mockup of a project, we would like your mind to instantly jump to ideas that you would like to see in that environment, and be a part of the creative process alongside us. We do not want someone who will only follow a sprite list, and contribute nothing else. We are looking for a creative team member. The correct candidate must be able to produce very high quality art for our clients, and quickly. The work you will be involved with are very fast turnaround mini-games, meaning from concept sketches to finished product is usually performed in only a few days. That means we need rapid designs that are approved quickly, and iterative updates while the development team begin to include them in the project. While the games are small, the work is very fast paced, but our online team environments make communication and sharing very easy. Finally, because we often find ourselves creating full mini-games from concept sketches and discussions, we are in constant contact with the artist to explain the project when it begins and perform revision work. You must be able to understand English and communicate quickly without difficulty. Below are some of the things we will be wondering about (NOTE, we have training available for some areas such as 2D animation prep): 1.) How comfortable are you with understanding 2D animation? (Prepping game sprites to be animated, piece exports etc.) 2.) How familiar are you with Photoshop techniques and environment? 3.) Are you comfortable and experienced with game art, sprite sheets, and overall production flow? 4.) Are you imaginative or do you only work off of sprite lists? (For example: We need a little house and yard drawn. Do you suggest/add a little tree with a rope and tire swing? Or we get exactly what we ask for on the list, no less/no more? 5.) How comfortable are you with both vector and realistic, traditional style art? (both is a bonus, but not required! We will consider an expert in either!) If you are interested in the position, please email "careers" at "grimpanda.com" with your hourly salary requirements, portfolio links or examples of work, and best method of chat (Skype etc). Candidates who meet our requirements will be contacted via chat (text only, no worries about Covid hair!) to further discuss the position. These positions will be filled very quickly! Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!
  4. Hi, artist available for hire Check out https://mintportal.io/artwork for more examples Email: [email protected] Here is some example work
  5. Hello,I'm Fabian Parente, an itinerant illustrator.I offer solutions in character design, background design, Concept Art and illustration.I would love to work with you on your project. Please take a look at my portfolio for examples of my work:https://fobosart.weebly.com/If you have any queries, feel free to contact me at: [email protected] you!Yours sincerely,Fabian
  6. Greetings ! I'm a freelance artist willing to sell his skills for quite any kind of work, whether it is character, props, icons, etc. Would prefer something in the style I already am practicing, cartoony/colorful , but I can also step out of my comfort zone. (to an extend.) Able to work professionaly, while keeping in touch regularly with the client, recieving feedback and reacting consequently in my work. Here are some samples ! full portfolio at amtz.artstation.com Feel free to send a message, a mail, or anything, I will answer. (preferably an e-mail) Serious offers only please [email protected]
  7. After upgrading to Adobe Illustrator CC2017 I get .ai file error: .ai data file is missing. I have try uninstalling and reinstalling Illustrator but still the same. There is no answer from google search. Any others experiencing this? Any help would be appriciated.
  8. Hello all, I'm brand new to this and I hope someone can help here. I'm a vector artist and working on doing phaser to help code interactivity on my apps. I work in adobe illustrator. Does anyone know what the proper export settings are for my images created in there? Phaser supports .png which is no problem for me, I just need to know what raster settings I should use when exporting to .png for phaser. I've looked and looked and cannot find the answer to this. Every time I see a tutorial, the assets have already been created and they don't talk about how to export them out of Illustrator. Any help at all is appreciated. If there is a topic on this already, please let me know and I'll go to it.
  9. I'm a skilled 2D artist looking for job, here's the link to my portfolio http://afbriganti.wixsite.com/portfolio If you like it don't hesitate to contact me Regards!
  10. Hi there! My name is Alexsey I am an illustrator from Russia, St. Petersburg and I do 2D art for mobile games and appsI specialise in illustration and character design but also do backgrounds, UI, simple frame-by-frame animation, icons, promo materials and everything in between.Mostly I work with raster based graphics to hire me write at :[email protected]: trampiton here are some samples of my work Thanks for watching and have a nice day!
  11. Hi! My name is Nadia, from Argentina. I´m a 2D Game Artist (cutout and traditional animation, character design, UI design, backgrounds, etc) with 5 year of experience, and I´m currently available for freelance work. My portfolio: http://nadiarodil.wix.com/portfolio http://nadiarodil.tumblr.com/ Please feel free to email me at: [email protected] Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone, I just launch my 2d game asset store (2d sprite, GUI, platformer, etc) Not too much asset right now, but there are some freebies Visit : http://tokegameart.net/ Here is my latest character art (Tiny army - Sam ) With 11 cool animations : Dying Firing FX Hurt Idle Jump Loop Jump Start Melee Attack Running Shooting Throwing Walking The main file contains : .AI (“Tiny Army – Sam” Illustrator File) .EPS (24 files for each vector part) .PNG Sequences (30 fps images for each animation in 3 different sizes, Large / Medium / Small) .PNG Files(For each vector parts and game objects in 3 different sizes, Large / Medium / Small) .SCML (Spriter source file used to create the animation or re-export the PNG sequences) .Unitypackage (Importable unity file, including .prefab, .controller, and for each vector parts) Features : 100% vector Customable vector part Can edit and or add the animation using spriter. Unity ready
  13. Hi! My name is Nadia, from Argentina. I´m a 2D Game Artist (cutout and traditional animation, character design, UI design, backgrounds, etc) with 5 year of experience, and I´m currently available for freelance work. My portfolio: http://nadiarodil.wix.com/portfolio http://nadiarodil.tumblr.com/ Please feel free to email me at: [email protected] Thanks!
  14. Adam Foreman, digital artist for hire. If you feel my art style suits your project, get in touch! Email [email protected] for a quote. Full portfolio: a4man.com Portfolio Example: Beyond Gravity Released on iOS, Android and Steam. Thanks!
  15. Contact Information Portfolio: mollyheadycarroll.com Email: mollyheadycarroll (at) gmail (dot) com About Me My name is Molly Heady-Carroll and I'm an artist living in Bussum, the Netherlands. I studied at the Utrecht School of Arts in the Netherlands and have a Masters Degree in Game Art, which I received in 2014. Since then, I have been freelancing on numerous projects long-distant all over the world. In that time I have worked as a freelancer on a wide variety of games and animation projects (including animated shorts and documentaries, RPGs, Serious Games, 2D Fighting Games, Smart Phone Games, Casual Games, Flash Games, Kickstarter Projects, Card Games and Point and Click Adventures among many others). Past roles I've taken on include 2D asset artist, character/creature concept artist, 2D animator, pixel sprite artist and promotional art illustrator. (For my CV and list of clients, go here: http://mollyheadycarroll.com/about.html) Skills My am highly experienced with Photoshop, Illustrator and GraphicsGale and also frequently work with traditional drawing/inking media and watercolour paint. I am, however, a flexible artist who enjoys tackling new materials, styles and projects and work comfortably with other artists. I also have experience with Premiere and video editing. I have much experience working over the internet and take great care to communicate frequently and clearly with clients to ensure a smooth and happy working relationship. For more information, a list of clients and my online portfolio, visit: mollyheadycarroll.com Art Samples Pixel Art Character Sprites, Design and Animation My Peculiar Brother: https://www.facebook.com/MyPeculiarBrother Brock Crocodile (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=398370496) Melancholy Republic (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=403550518) Character Concept Art Creature/Character concept art, artist reference and turn sheets. Illustrations Character illustrations and promotional art What Am I Looking For? I am currently looking for mid/long-term commercial projects that I can work on part time (24-36 hours a week). Positions I am interested in are creature/character concept art for animation and games, Illustration and/or 2D videogame asset creation. Contact Information Portfolio: mollyheadycarroll.com Email: mollyheadycarroll (at) gmail (dot) com Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you!
  16. Successful candidate will demonstrate speed, quality and ability to negotiable reasonable fees. Great character and solid work experience are both a must. Work experience and skills to be demonstrated with examples of work. NO PORTFOLIO, NO INTERVIEW! Please include links to your portfolio, do not email us attachments. 1. About us FuseHive Interactive Media (FHIM) is a young and dynamic company specializing primarily in providing quality audio services such as music production, sound effect design and audio engineering to our clients. Our focus until now were video games (slot, casual games and mobile apps) with over 500 produced for the past few years! FHIM is currently expanding to other areas of entertainment industry, as well as development of our own multimedia products. To achieve this, we are looking for talented artists to join the team. Successful candidates wouldn’t be just “making a transaction” with us, but rather develop a lasting relationship and grow together with FHIM. If this sounds like you, please find the position requirements and benefits below: 2. Profile 2.1. Skills and Experience Ideal candidate will demonstrate strong skills in graphic design, illustration for apps / games, as well as corporate productions;Expertise in branding, packaging design and marketing will be highly valuable;At least 4 years of paid experience is a must (both, full time or as an active freelancer are acceptable);Any additional skills and experience in animation, 3D modelling, photography, web design, programming and video editing will be considered a massive advantage. 2.2. Technical Requirements Must own a computer and all of the accessories needed to perform work sucessfully;Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and all industry standard software and plugins;Stable and fast internet connection;Skype ID, bank account / PayPal and active email address. 2.3. Other Passionate for video games, movies and cartoons; Motivated, ambitious and able to work independently, as well as part of a team; Solid understanding of media related product development and publishing process; Creative with visual approach to projects in discussion with the team; Able to communicate professionally and respectful of other team members; Punctual with sense of urgency + committed to meeting all deadlines. 3. Why Join FuseHive 3.1. Benefits Opportunity to work with veterans of the industry; Negotiable compensation; Flexible working hours and negotiable project deadlines; Opportunity for a permanent position. If this still sounds like you, please send your CV with links to your work and a short bio to the email form the signature below. Please do not contact us in regards to this application after submitting the CV and portfolio. We will email only short-listed candidates to arrange the interview. Application Deadline: Sunday 1 November 2015. We look forward to hearing from you! FUSEHIVE TEAM. [email protected]
  17. Hello, I'm AgataKa and I'm working as game artist for over 7 years. I have more than 20 finished games already, working for a small budget games to big, year long projects. I'm always trying to make my games looks best. I was working in html company for 2 years. You can check our games here: http://play.bushidogames.com/en-gb//#pageIntro I have also experience in java games, flash, native android and iphone games. Mostly for smartphones and tablets but also for pc (facebook). I made one card game too. Please look at my portfolio website: http://ak-gallery.com/portfolio I work for 20$ for hour. Can be paid via bank transfer or paypal. Contact me if You are interested Here few examples:
  18. Hello. I made 4 smaller game with potential be become something. Would like to collaborate with an artist and sound engineer. Probably will give some percent of the income if they make some money. Check my games here: http://www.kongregate.com/accounts/spinnerbox#gamesby My only condition is that you are from Europe or similar timezone, since I am from Europe. Managing a team that lives with large time difference is hard to manage.
  19. Hello, my name is Matt and I am available for any 2D game art or animation that you need. I currently create all of my game art out of my home office here in sunny Fountain Hills, Arizona. I have been an avid gamer all of my life going back to playing Atari in the early 80's. It was always my life long dream to be a Video Game Artist which I have achieved. Here are some of my successes. • Created all of the graphics for Zander's World, a mobile game developed by Hot Salsa Interactive. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zand...885589725?mt=8 • Created all of the graphics and animations for a few other Hot Salsa titles, Fluffy Fluffs, Tile Tap Boom and Find What's Different, which are still in development. Please see some examples in my portfolio. • Created all of the graphics and animations for That's Cupido, a mobile game in development by Mousee Games. http://cupido.mouseegames.com/ • Worked for several years as a Senior Game Artist at Broken Bulb Game Studios. Created Characters, animations, levels and many other graphics for their hit Facebook Game Miscrits. http://miscrits.com/ • Piloted the ship that made the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs. Oh wait that was someone else. Please take a moment to view my portfolio www.behance.net/stonewolfgraphics Feel free to contact me at [email protected] so we can discuss your project.
  20. Hi everyone, I'm Chris, a freelance 2D artist / animator based in Singapore. I have 6 years of experience in game industry, creating sprites,character design, illustration, animations, UI, icons, isometric, titles, buttons,banners, posters, etc . I'm looking for new & exciting projects to work on. I am also open for full time position, preferably studio that's based in Asia. Here's my portfolio link! https://www.behance.net/ChristinaTj Please check out , drop by and give your comments! =) You can contact me via Email: [email protected] Behance message Skype : shinyo47 Thank you for your time!
  21. I'm a 2d Game Artist available for pretty much any 2d art job that you have available. You can find some examples of my work here:www.behance.net/stonewolfgraphics I'm interested in paid work for lump sum payments on a milestones or per-asset basis. If you would like to discuss a project with me please feel free to email me at [email protected] Thanks for taking a look!
  22. Hi ! My name is Ludovic, I'm a freelancer from France. I make illustrations, animations and graphics. My portfolio: http://www.quickeyestudio.com/ Feel free to contact me for any question : contact(at)quickeyestudio.com Regards, Ludovic
  23. Hey guys, Hopefully my last lame thread topic (getting over the noob stage...), but I was wondering what everyone's attitudes and methods are to game sprites or the characters, backgrounds, objects etc. What program do you use to create your sprites and why? I'm in two minds at the moment. I'm thinking either photoshop or Illustrator, but leaning more towards Illustrator so I can create scalable graphics cause just because you think a sprite would look good at a certain size, then you code it and demo it and eek.... Too big or too small. With the vector graphics of Illustrator, I can resize the images perfectly to any size I want and still keep a great quality. Plus with layers, I can make a base and then add different layers for different stages of movement. Or is that all wrong? Thanks in advance!
  24. Drawscript is an extension for Illustrator (a tool from Adobe® Creative Cloud). It generates graphics code from vector shapes in realtime. This is insanely useful Especially for sprite path data! http://drawscri.pt/
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