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Found 6 results

  1. In my business, I want to show the lighting effect as shown in the picture.Unfortunately, at present the material can only accept 10 lights max(I need more than 50). I can set the glowLayer and the billBoard to simulate halo effect. but i cant't simulate the materials effected by the true light,especially the water... can anyone help me?
  2. I have a question concerning the skin wrap modifier. Is it possible to export say a shirt that is skin wrapped on top of a body with multiple morph targets so when we play with morph target sliders the shirt deforms accordingly?
  3. Hi all, Having a weird problem where a spritesheet animation appears as a black box in Firefox when rendering with WebGL. When I switch to Canvas, the spritesheet plays. I'm assuming I'm over the max texture size? (I have a giant, 32 frame animation that weighs in at a colossal 4560 × 4800. I know, I know, it's ridiculous, but I need to run basically a full screen animation for a few seconds). I tried switching to a 'power of 2' size (e.g. 4225 x 4225) but this still doesn't work. Can anyone confirm that I'm barking up the wrong tree? Nick
  4. Hello, I have been trying to understand how to use the 3ds max exported binary format. My understanding that it is for incremental loading (loading what the camera sees) ? I have tried importing the exported file into my scene but I only get one mesh: BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", "3ds/Binary/", "testBinary.binary.babylon", scene); hopefully someone can shine some light on this?
  5. I have an issue with some meshes when exporting from 3DS max. I've tried to solve this for hours now, even looked at the exporter source, but have no idea left how to fix this. I've extracted an example. This it how it looks in 3DS max: But after exporting, it looks like this in Babylon: On one side, the meshes are upside down. I've tried reseting Pivot, Transformation and XForm. None works. Ideas of how to solve this issue are highly appreciated! Thanks Test Scene: max: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6699613/babylon/test.max babylon: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/
  6. Get your own game developed at a high professional standard for a fraction of the usual cost, advertise your business in a unique way or show off by having your own game. Be apart of the games industry today! Here at HiddenGardenGC we are having a 20% off to anyone that enters the key word Saver94 for the next seven days. Dont hesitate to ask anyone questions and thank you for your time. URL: http://www.hiddengardengc.com Regards Jordan
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