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Found 8 results

  1. I recently started development for web. Unfortunately I came from C++ world, as I already mentioned in the topic about our game. I would like to know, what do experienced web developers use to implement network protocol? Especially I am interested in real time multiplayer games, when latency should be minimized and message size is critical. I know a bit about Google protocol buffers and Apache thrift. But at the end I reinvented the wheel. Enjoy some C++ bullshit, if you want: https://github.com/misanthrop/binary-wheel
  2. Wow... I never saw this project... when did this get here, was this always here??? Does this mean we can convert the json .babylon text file to a Binary Format ??? Is this real binary data (maybe dumb question) but it look like regular json text being written using stream writer... Does that make it binary?? I would think there would some kind of 'Byte Encoding' going on to make it binary... Dunno... What that is all about.... But looks like a VERY KOOL option to add to the toolkit... Save your scene files as binary rather than text... If thats the case... would is be possible to save Directly From Babylon Entities to this binary format instead of saving to .babylon text file then going back and converting the text file to this Babylon binary format... I can't believe I NEVER saw this project before... Must have over looked this guy Anyways... What are the advantages of this binary format vs me just pre-compressing to a .gz file ???
  3. Hi All, plz. help me with this issue. I'm applying a texture mapping to an object, but it turns out to be multicolors on the surface. see the below left picture shown(desk and sofa). I wonder if it's caused by binary file? Coz when I set binary false, it worked as the mapping picture I wanted(see below right picture). What can I do if I want to use binary file while showing the correct mapping on object. Thanks in advance.
  4. hi all, i just want to konw how to use the binary files exported by 3dmax using Max2Babylon-0.8.0. when i export from 3dmax i got a list of binary files which one should i use.
  5. Forgive me, because this isn't a game. I'm a high school computer science teacher and I was looking for an online 4-function binary calculator to explore bit math with my students. I was disappointed with what I found online, so I made one here, using Phaser: https://bitcalc.org/ The calculator does everything in actual bitmath, meaning the addition and subtraction functions process the two numbers bit-by-bit with regrouping, and the multiplication and division functions are iterations of the first two. Might be of interest to somebody. Source: https://github.com/jgordon510/bitcalc
  6. I am trying to export a Max file that contains animation and a CAT rig. For some reason I get an error about a path not being supported(see screenshot). As some of these files will export at greater than 500MB by my estimation, I am not sure I can get away with using them without some type of compression. Has anyone seen this issue before? How do I fix it? I am using Max 2014 with the latest exporter for Max 2013 Thanks
  7. Hello, I have been trying to understand how to use the 3ds max exported binary format. My understanding that it is for incremental loading (loading what the camera sees) ? I have tried importing the exported file into my scene but I only get one mesh: BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", "3ds/Binary/", "testBinary.binary.babylon", scene); hopefully someone can shine some light on this?
  8. I did a search on the forum and saw some things about binary format but I think they were related to incremental loading. Is there any way to convert the .babylon scene file to binary for faster download times?
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