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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all.I am a beginner of pixi.js, and using PIXI.Graphics to create a circular progress bar that will move over time, the effect is like the one below: https://codepen.io/saadeghi/pen/IBhfJ More specifically, the circular progress bar moves over time. So, the graphics is modified constantly, this caused a very serious performance problem and even caused the iOS system to crash. My question is what should I do to implement such a circular progress bar in pixijs? My English is poor, thank you for reading.
  2. Hi everyone, I have a question, I think there maybe a question like mine posted somewhere, I tried to find but can't have a good answer. In my scene, I have a lot of picture, I use Sprite.fromImage to load those picture instead of PIXI.loader because my pictures don't load at the first time. Because of many pictures, so my scene has very low FPS, I think it probably because I load directly raw picture from path. Does anyone know can advise me anyway to fix this. Thank you!
  3. I tried to make 9999 balls in Babylon playground, and FPS down to 45 in my PC. But my CPU and GPU is far away from full. Is there any limit of performance in Chrome or v8?
  4. It is using WebGL in both cases, and I have turned on "use hardware acceleration" in Firefox (latest version). I see the same difference in the mobile versions of Chrome and Firefox I made my site again from scratch when 3.0 came out, and the version of the site which uses the old Pixi still performs similarly in both browsers. Is there an acknowledged difference in Pixi 3.0's ability to perform in Firefox vs. Chrome?
  5. Hi I'm making an HTML5 game where I declare a global variable var route = [];that is used to hold mouse coordinates in form of array of objects. After couple of minutes of playing there are already thousands of objects there. I didn't notice any lags or slowing down but maybe that's because the game is very simple without complex graphics. Should I worry about that variable? What is a general rule in game design when it comes to variables that are constantly growing. I cannot clear this variable because I need all of thiese coordinates throughout a game. I wouldn't want to end up with a game that has a "bug" that makes it impossible to play after a while due to memory overload.
  6. Hi, this is my first post. I noticed when game.time.fps drops from 60 to 30, everything in arcade physics seems to happen half as fast. Is there a way to make physics frame rate independent?
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