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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I create a "Cat" class with its own "update" method. And a "Main" scene, which has its own "update" too. Here is the code: game.module( 'game.main').body(function() {game.createClass('Cat', { init: function() { }, update:function() { console.log('a cat') }});game.createScene('Main', { init: function() { game.Cat(); this.addObject(; }, update:function() { console.log('a house') }});});Now, It seems, scene's update is overriding the cat's update method. My question is, how to make them both called? I have used flashPunk (AS3) before. In this case I would use something like; super.update() is there any similar way to do it in panda? Thanks. PS: Sorry for my english.
  2. Hi guys, I just finished making my first HTML5 game with Phaser! Here is a link to the game, it is made to be played on mobile. Drag the guy to move, tap to shoot. Hold to do a power shot and hold to shoot your upgraded weapons. *edit* added instructions in game.
  3. Introducing Super Delivery! This is a new game by Grim Panda Games where you must plan carefully a delivery route to connect all houses. It's deceptively simple to finish, but extremely difficult to master. Can you earn 3 stars on each level? Starting in your warehouse, find the shortest path to deliver all of your goods and then return to the warehouse. Efficiency counts! TO PLAY: Simply click or tap the house you would like to travel to next. If you make a mistake, press the X button at the top of the game screen to retrace your path. Good luck! Enjoy! You can play the game by clicking any of the images above, or by visiting the URL below