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Antialiased Circle


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Hi everyone,


I'm using the Graphics stuff from the dev version of Pixi.js. I can draw a circle by doing this:

var graphics = new PIXI.Graphics();graphics.lineStyle ( 2 , 0x000000,  1);graphics.beginFill(this.colour);graphics.drawCircle(this.position[0], this.position[1], this.radius);



But I was wondering if it is possible to draw it with antialiasing? I note it looks like the webgl contexts are created with {antialias:true} by Pixi. Do I need to make a PNG of a circle? That's less ideal for changing the colours.





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Hi. Total newbie here, but I think you can pass 'true' as the fifth argument when you instantiate a new renderer object, e.g.:

myRenderer = PIXI.autoDetectRenderer(320, 480, null, false, true); // arguments: width, height, view, transparent, antialias


thats 100% correct! Its worth being aware that unfortunately antialiasing seems to only be supported by chrome at the moment. :/ 

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A workaround that i use is to use the circles line property to smooth it a bit.

e.g.; red circle on dark background, use a darker red for the border, 1px width and alpha 0.5, this makes the border a bit smoother.


If you need a real border for the circle, draw two circles on top of each other using the mentioned method.

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Since this is still one of the most relevant hits on Google, I figured I'd share the trick I ended up using, in case someone else end up here (just as I did, looking for a solution).

var radius = 20; 

// Create "intermediary" container for graphics
var gContainer = new PIXI.Container();

var myCircle = new PIXI.Graphics();

// Draw graphic x2 size
myCircle.drawCircle(0, 0, radius * 2);

// Use cacheAsBitmap to render bitmap 
gContainer.cacheAsBitmap = true;

// Scale down (the bitmap) to get smooth edges

In case you need to modify the graphic, just set cacheAsBitmap = false, redraw the graphics, and then set cacheAsBitmap = true again. Works with PIXI 4.5.1.

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