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Fire Particles


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Greetings friends!


I'm working on making a realistic+cheap fire effect, and need your help. ;3 :D


Here's a demo:



It just doesn't seem... right. idk why!


On a completely different subject, does anyone know how one could edit the shadowgenerator to update/compute only when wanted? :)

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1 hour ago, Pryme8 said:

wow JC... wtf is this ahahah cool scene!

Thanks.  This was the demo scene for QI 1.0.  Tried to think of the worst possible skeleton exercise.  Have to credit @SimonBiles.  Seemed kind of pervy when I was looking at her Olympic floor routine over & over, taking screen shots, but I overcame:D.  Let's see her do it over a fire!

On an even close relation to materials, the dog crap on the sign had a blinking HighlightLayer that made it look like neon.  It broke in 3.0.  Think I am going to make simple pg, and belated report to try to get it operational again for 3.1.  I have other signs in mind for this as well.  @Sebavan, incoming.

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