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[Phaser] [CocoonJS] Tap-Tap Submarine


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Tap-Tap Submarine


Tap-Tap Submarine is an original new one-button action game. Tap anywhere on screen to rotate the submarine in the other direction. Navigate your submarine to the bottom of the ocean while collecting coins, rubies and treasures but look out for mines.


taptapsubmarine_02.png taptapsubmarine_04.png taptapsubmarine_05.png


I've been working on this game for some time and now finally it's released. :) This is an initial v1.0 release and I will add more levels, enemies, bugfixes etc. in the next updates. I think the control scheme is pretty novel, I don't think I've seen it used in other game before. I suspect it runs a little slow on low-end mobiles, so I'll probably also have to look into optimising it.


Let me know what you think  :) If you want to licence or buy this game, contact me at info[AT]bdrgames.nl

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Interesting concept :)  Tutorial part where you explain submarine mechanics doesn't show how it works in reality. I think it would be better to make this submarine also moving, not only rotating. I got stuck on the 3rd level, after a dozen or more attempts I managed to pass it through but then again got stuck on the 5th one. It would be easier for me if the camera was following the submarine and if there were less coins (there are so many of them and I'm trying to collect as more as I can and it isn't easy, and if I wouldn't try I was unhappy that I left so much gold under water :D ). 

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