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Pixi v3 Bunnymark :D

Mat Groves

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i wish i don't get anymore runtime error with IE11+


As helpful as that was to give no information, we've tested in IE11+ and it works great. What issues are you encountering?


where do i get v3 ?


Not released yet, but you can play with the unfinished (and potentially buggy) development version on the `dev` branch of our repo:



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This is really amazing. Being able to draw 100,000 bunnies is impressive, but what I'm really impressed by is the memory management. If I run the original bunnymarks the GC cycles about every second (obviously depends on the number of bunnies) but with v3 it takes over 20 seconds (with a bit more bunnies) for the GC to kick in. What kind of GC voodoo are you guys doing to pull this off?


Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 

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Amazing work. This rendering engine is simply fantastic. Lightening fast performance, constant improvements being made and excellent functionality. The only criticism I would have is that the documentation is a bit sparse in terms of clarity and examples. That said; when you are busy developing such a great product; who can blame you!?  :)

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Performance in Pixi3 using a particleContainer is blazingly fast, however, performance of bunnymark using a normal DisplayObjectContainer (useful if you have particles that also do stuff like Tint) is worse than in pixi2.. thats a shame :\

That has been untrue for all benchmarks I have ran. Can you show a side-by-side comparison?

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I'll try.

I forgot to mention that I noticed the performance hit on an iPad air.


FPS on Ipad Air with 15k bunnies


29 fps  Pixi2 using DisplayObjectContainer :  http://jsfiddle.net/whizzkid74/3205m4mr/

26 fps  Pixi3 using DisplayObjectContainer:  http://jsfiddle.net/whizzkid74/qgj5qq46/

57 fps  Pixi3 using ParticleContainer:  http://jsfiddle.net/whizzkid74/3205m4mr/



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Just tested with 50k bunnies on desktop, then the performance increase is what you'd expect.


45 for pixi 2

60 for pixi 3 with Particle container

53 for pixi 3 with DisplayObjectContainer



so it seems that for mobile webgl.. something isn't running as fast as the pixi2 version

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