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blender join mesh are not detected as collision


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hi all,
i trying to use the movewithcollision( ) method on mesh which i created by blender,
if i use single mesh without using join option in blender its working fine, but when i use two meshes join as one mesh then its not working :(
for eg:
if i create one cube in blender then import into  scene then collision is working fine,
but when i am creating two cube then i join as one using join option, now movewithcollision  not working.



kindly suggest me how to achieve this..

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Hi Vahith.  Interesting!  I'm not qualified to comment, but maybe you could answer some questions I have.


Do you know if Blender "join"... makes a "subMesh"? 


Do you think one of your cubes... is a subMesh of the other?  (after Blender join)


And, does moveWithCollision work good for ONE of the cubes in the 2-cube joined test?


Have you tried joining the two cubes with BabylonJS mesh merge?  *shrug*


It might be interesting to know exactly what a Blender "join" does to a mesh (or two). :)

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hi wingnut..
yes after creating babylon file it containes data someting like this



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Just a guess since you seem to be able replicate this with cubes as well, but could you do an apply of scaling? 


I am not that familiar with collisions (yet), but sub-meshes are for multi-materials.  Does problem still happen if you remove all materials?


Beyond that, there is this imposter thing.  I am not the source for that.


@wingnut - I used Blender join on my blender created checkboxes.  Looked at exported source code (TOB exporter variant), I get no sub-meshes.  Just the global one.

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