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How to handle multiple game modes/difficulty?


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I am planning a game which will have game modes normal, medium and hard. I plan to change speed and time and maybe some more variables. What is the best way to do this in Phaser? any code examples avaliable with games with multiple modes/difficulty?


I thought of some ways

have multiple gamestates easyGame, mediumGame, hardGame and copy the main gamestate files in each one and change the speed and time variables individually.




Have 1 gamestate and have if statements

var gameMode;


if (gameMode=== easy) {

var speed =1, time =15;

} else if(gameMode===medium){

var speed =2, time =10;


var speed =3, time =5;



I don't know how I would set the game mode to easy/medium/hard tho


here is my setup http://pastebin.com/PKbs6NTi

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