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Creature - Advance 2D Skeletal + Mesh Animation Tool now with Phasor Support


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Hello Phaser Devs,


Creature is my new advanced 2D Skeletal and Mesh Animation Tool designed for indie game devs in mind.

It also supports Phaser as one of the export formats.


Phaser Support (WebGL required)


I just added in Phaser support for the Creature playback runtimes. Check out the Phaser playback demo here:



The above demo shows a Phoenix character authored in Creature and exported out for Phaser. The whole animation sequence

was automatically generated using a combination of wing flap motors, bone motors(for the floppy tails) and path motion transfer.


Creature docs for Phaser are up:



What makes it special

- A tool that allows you to automatically generate complex motion: Walk Cycles, Hair + Cloth Dynamics, Floppy tails.

This results in huge time and cost savings. Automated results can be further tweaked by hand for additional polish.


- Designed for complex rigs and meshes from the ground up. Powerful tools for rigging, auto bone weight generation etc. Uses advanced Dual Quaternion skinning resulting in higher quality poses


- High end VFX features in a 2D animation tool: Motion Capture, Path transfer, Rotoscoping, Soft Body Dynamics


- Full control of animation spline curves over the entire timeiine


- Export to Sprite Frames, Sprite Sheets, Gif, Movies, FBX and Game Engine Runtimes (Unity, Cocos2d-x, LibGDX, MonoGame and WebGL frameworks)




More information about the Creature is here:





Windows Port is underway


I have had many requests for a Windows port. I am hard at work right now on the port to make sure it runs on Windows. Right now about 2 / 3 of the core modules are already running in Windows.


Let me know if you have any questions and thank you for reading this post.



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Animations from a single image. Sounds awesome. I'll certainly give that trial version a go.


Thanks! Depending on the type of motion you are going for, certain animations can be accomplished in Creature with entire whole images (no body part separation required).


Here is an example:


The above breathing motion of the tiger is animated using a combination of rotate cycle bone motors, bone ik motors and bone physics motors.

The eye blinking is done with control pt mesh motors.


Same technique, applied to a whole bear image. Creature Editor in action:



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The Windows version is now out:


You can see some examples of Creature animations running in Phaser right here.


Phaser Demos

Check this out:



And this:



Other Demos

In terms of what it can achieve, here it is running in other engines:




New Features

There is even 3D warping for head rotations and front facing characters:



And also resolution reduction in the Pro version to target devices of different capabilities:



And a lot more. Please head over to the website for a full rundown of the new features.



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