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Tizen App Challenge


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Hi, Vlad, I'm puzzled here. For the contest, they need "Tizen App" and HTML5 games, or Tizen App=HTML games?


Hi colleagues,


Let me create my first port with info about contest "Tizen App Challenge" on the Tizen platform:


Hope this info will be interesting for you.




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Hi Newbie,


I have found info in FAQ ...


"Does it matter whether I submit a web app or native app?

Your app can be either a native app or web app, but remember, HTML5 apps are eligible for an additional $50,000 cash prize!"
If be honest with you I am new with Tizen. And my next conclusion probably should be corrected by users with experience...
They need HTML5 games created by using Tizen SDK (including their API).
And additional info:

Using the Tizen Web APIs, you can develop rich Web applications and build great app experiences with well-known Web programming languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Just like every major browser in the market, the Tizen Web APIs support the latest HTML5 capabilities, such as animation, offline, audio, and video. By utilizing the standard HTML5 capabilities, your Web applications are ready to run across various devices and platforms with minimal customization. In addition to the JavaScript-based Tizen Device API, you can also enable advanced device access from your Web applications, such as Bluetooth and NFC.

For more information on developing Web applications with Tizen, see Tizen Web Application Programming.
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