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  1. CrazyGames is organizing a developer contest for all games uploaded to their website during Oct and Nov! The winner receives 2000 USD If you have cool games maybe it is worth a try.
  2. 1) I would like to have real lamps on Babylon. Like this: I know what you might be thinking - on Babylon we have "lights". However, I want to be able to have a *lamp* that emits light, and at the same time the lampshade gets lit and occludes the lightning. Just like in real life, in photo above. Is this possible? If not, can it be simulated? E.g: using a translucent material for the lampshade material and using a spot light? Any ideas of how to achieve this as realistically as possible? Is there any demo of an actual lamp object + a light source? 2) What
  3. Calling all Construct game developers, we’ve got some exciting news for you! We’ve teamed up with Scirra to bring you a fantastic competition. If you’ve not come across GAMEE before, we’ve set up a fantastic new platform that allows you to play great little games using their own social app (available on both iOS and Android) or directly in messaging apps Telegram and Kik. And we’ve just finished developing a pair of plugins that will allow you to deploy your Construct creations onto their platform! Which brings us back to the competition - develop a game using Construct 2 or Construc
  4. Hi everyone! The 14th IMGA Global is open for entries until 31 December 2017. Mobile and VR game developers, studios and publishers are invited to submit their games for free in a few clicks. Enter your game now! http://www.imgawards.com/
  5. If you are a developer, studio or publisher based in Southeast Asia, participate to our competition by entering your game before 31 July, 2017. Submission is 100% free and will not take you more than 2 minutes! IMGA SEA is organized this year in partnership with Eliphant, GameStart's organizers. This year’s ceremony and after-party will take place in Singapore during GameStart 2017, Southeast Asia’s premier games convention on October 13. Awarded games will automatically have a chance to win another prize during the 14th IMGA Global edition in San Francisco. To be considere
  6. Hi, I'm happy to announce that Y8 and id.net are having a game developer contest starting March 9th. It will last 1 week from the starting date. The rules are simple and fair too. Make a game, add 2 id.net features, submit the game to the jury. The jury will decide who the 5 winners are. We will be sending an email on March 9th about the theme of the contest.
  7. Introducing yoanimate online service for 3D animators and Game Artists. Example Participate to the yoanimate 3d animated character Contest and win prizes ranging from $50-$1000! Start uploading your fbx files now at yoanimate.com and be among the first 50 talented animators to get $50 just for uploading your models! 2nd prize $250 1st prize $1000 Do you want to find out more? Go to http://yoanimate.com/ Watch the video tutorials for our 3dpreview editor and for the material editor. 3d preview editor Material Edit
  8. Not sure if this is the appropriate place but I am hosting a game contest . Rules and such can be found in the link. This will be a paid contest with first through 15 cash prizes. All the details are in the link. First Place: $70 Second Place: $45 Third Place: $30 4-10 Place: $15 11-15 Place: $10
  9. Hello everyone! This year is coming to an end - and we want to do something interesting and new to make it memorable! So we decided to have a contest with a prize pool of $1000! The contest will run from December 8 until January 10, so it will accompany the Christmas and New Year's celebrations. Short about: - The work must be done using Blend4Web engine - First place: 500$ - Second Place: 300$ - Therd Place: 200$ Detailed information here and here.
  10. Bernie Sanders Game Jam January 15-17, 2016 Fimaru is back with a new game jam this weekend. With apologies, the theme is likely not for everyone. Some Details: Begins at 8PM EST on January 15th. Ends at 8PM EST on January 17th. The winning game will be picked via public votes. Fight Magic Run will match every vote from the winning game with $1 (up to $100) We will also pick our favorite game and donate $50 to Bernie Sanders in its honor. Pre-planning is fine, but don't start development until Friday at 8PM EST Working on teams is allowed
  11. Hi all, I hope it's OK to post this here. If not, let me know and I will remove it. AirConsole is having a game contest and you have the chance to win up to 3000 USD. For more info visit: http://developers.airconsole.com/#/competition --Quick summary of the contest: Developers can submit any game using the AirConsole API. You can submit original games or port existing published games from any other platform (make sure you do not infringe any copyrights!). They can be written in HTML5, flash or Unity3d. AirConsole is a free to play platform with advertisement running between game sessions.
  12. Hello Everybody! I am happy to announce to you all that the second round of HTML5 GAME DEVELOP CONTEST in China has started in July 15th! This time, we have three partners together with us. There are Maxthon Browser, Cheetah Browser and Linekong. They are all top internet companies and started to set foot in Html5 Game industry this year. We are happy to cooperate with them and determined to bring all developers a better and just contest! The contest is divided into two session. Session One: 2015.07.15-2015.10.15. We will choose 20 nominees (Prize 2000 RMB) and 10 top games (Prize:
  13. Hello, this is Greeting form China. Hoowu Game, we are leading html5 platform in China, currently we are running a contest. We want to invite developers from all over the world to join our contest. If you are interested in Chinese market, please check the following page for details regarding HooWo Html5 Game Developing Contest. Please check the following page for details regarding HooWo Html5 Game Developing Contest. http://open.51h5.com/contest/ 1. Register as a developer of HooWo Open Platform ( http://open.51h5.com ) (We will provide language support, so don't worry about the process) 2.
  14. Hello all, Below is the list of best games on February, congratulations! Swing Copters:http://www.51h5.com/game-index-id-734.html Drop Me: http://www.51h5.com/game-index-id-779.html Disco Bridge: http://www.51h5.com/game-index-id-736.html Blobs Plops: http://www.51h5.com/game-index-id-737.html Our contest will be ended in March, developers who need server support please contact us! We will choose the winners for the big prize after March, don't miss your last chance! Best, 51H5.COM
  15. Hello All! The best game of last month has already been released! Check out the following winners! Congratulations! For developers who wins the top games per month, you will get a free aliyun server worthy 1000 usd and the chance to get the biggest prize at the end of the contest! http://51h5.com/game/682.html http://51h5.com/game/680.html http://51h5.com/game/689.html http://51h5.com/game/694.html Congrats again!
  16. Hi All, Below is the 2 of top10 games last month for HooWu Html5 Game Develop Contest. Congratulations to them! We still welcome developers from all over the world to join our contest. Check following site: open.51h5.com Top Games: http://51h5.com/game/633.html http://51h5.com/game/641.html (Drop us an email if there is any question.Email: business51h5@hotmail.com)
  17. GameFilled

    Tank5 League

    Our newest production is Tank5, real-time multiplayer strategy game. Now we organize a competition for its players called Tank5 League. Here you can find the rules: http://tank5.gamefilled.com/league-2/. Everyone can take part
  18. Take part in the first contest organized by GameFilled, upload your HTML5 game. Most wanted are action, arcade, multiplayer and strategy Beta games. Submitted to GameFilled platform, your game will be availabe for game players from all over the world. Show the world your game and win great prizes. Any questions ? Contact: julia@gamefilled.com
  19. Hi Guys, I come here disclose the 1° Bit Apps Jam, a online event of indie game development for mobile platforms, to register or get more details visit our website. Other doubts, We are disposal. http://www.bitappsstudios.com/
  20. Hello everyone! Viope is organizing Game Development World Championship 2013 with cooperation with Rovio, Microsoft, Unity, Housemarque, Remedy etc. GDWC 2013 starts from 8th October 2013 till 26th January 2014. The contest is open for all game developers and hobbyists all over the world. Students and professionals will compete in different categories. Participants can compete for Computer/Console game or Mobile Phone game.Individuals and team of maximum 4 members can register through contest’s website. The main prize worth €10000 including a trip to Finland, visit top game studios, Uni
  21. Hi colleagues, Let me create my first port with info about contest "Tizen App Challenge" on the Tizen platform: https://developer.tizen.org/contests/tizen-app-challenge Hope this info will be interesting for you. Regards, Vlad
  22. Hi Everyone! The Forest Battle has officially begun! Details in brief: - No entry fee - $100 prize for the winner - Of course, it's still your game afterwards Check out the last battle here, the full contest rules here, and as always, let me know if you have any questions. Good luck! -Evan
  23. Rev up your game engines. The 3rd FiMaRu battle is starting August 2nd. In the first two battles, we saw entries with Construct2, GameMaker, Easel, and Metrix.js. All dev methods are welcome as long it results in HTML5. As far as types of games, we've seen 3d flight simulators, runners, matching games, platformers, and so on. For those who haven't been part of a contest yet, these are the games that have entered so far if you want an idea of what we usually see: http://fightmagicrun.com/ocean http://fightmagicrun.com/feather Both winners of the $100 prize have been from this forum, so
  24. FeatherUp is a super simple arcade game I made in less than 24 hours for the FiMaRu feather contest. You simply fly around trying to get feathers to keep your feather power up while grabbing coins on the way. http://psych.gs/public_html/playgame.php?gameId=FeatherUp PLAY ^
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