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HTML5 Canvas Cross-Mobile Template or Framework?


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Hi there


I'm new to this forum and fairly new to gaming, especially mobile gaming.


I would like to start developing simple games using Canvas and javascript. The greatest challenge I can see so far and creating a full-screen (or close to fullscreen) experience across different devices. To be honest, I would be happy if I could even guarantee my games would work on all iphones alone. 


I guess my question is, is there a template or framework that exists that would act as a starting point and at least have most popular devices appearing in fullscreen? I started a game using this tutorial. It's a great tutorial an I learned a lot but it doesn't really address handling different aspect ratios.


Any input would be helpful! Thanks

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I used to make Flash Games before I jumped into HTML5. After looking around for a long time, I found that the Panda Engine suited me the best.


Having made 3 games with it now, I couldn't be happier. Everything is very easy to setup and the engine is a lot of fun to work with.


You should definitely check out the Panda sub-forum.


- Panda works beautifully at fullscreen across every device.

- Supports assets at multiple resolutions, so your game always looks nice.

- Based on Pixi, so runs really nicely.

+ heaps more features!


The only problem is that Enpu (the creator) is currently working on version 2.0, in which some of the syntax has changed. There is currently very limited tutorials etc.


To put in in perspective tho, I would definitely not call myself a 'programmer' and have managed to learn all I need, just by playing with the examples and asking questions on the forum.


I'm also in the process of starting a Panda tutorial series, but kind of need to wait until 2.0 is live.


I've started with some tutorials already, but will have to rewrite these for 2.0.


Here is a sample article, which deals with fullscreen and hires assets.


Hope this helps :)


PS. Remember that there are also other great options! For example Phaser and Construct 2.

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