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[Game] Full demo of a small game RPG


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I created a course Babylon in French on OpenClassRooms is an online editor just as Eyrolles (for those who know) and I created this course to show how to create a game from start to finish using engine functionalities.
This game, I wish also to share Babylon also because I think it can be a good source of inspiration for those who want to create RPG games. I use a lot of trees, shadows, and other collisions and result: 60 FPS. :)
This game shows that on an island on which the character must light a fire to be saved from the island.

Here the functionality used in this small game:


  • Octree for collision, selection and dynamicContent
  • WorkerCollision activated for optimized the collision
  • LOD + instances for the forest
  • sceneOptimizer to keep proper FPS
  • Subdivide ground


  • Ground + elevation + multi-material
  • Water with reflexion and refraction
  • Texture procedural for the fire
  • Particle for the smoke
  • Sprites for the clouds
  • Lens flare for the sun
  • Shadows
  • Collisions and gravity
  • Sun, skybox and lens flare
  • Mucic for the scene (for all browser: ogg and mp3)
  • Sound for the fire (for all browser ogg and mp3)
  • ImportMesh to load the objects in the scene
  • Language system with cookie (FR and EN)
  • Extention CastorGUI


  • Picking for pick Key and match box
  • Actions with condition for start fire and doors
  • Show/hide DebugLayer with CTRL + F12
  • Animation player (walk, run, pick) mode RPG with ZQSD (French) or WASD (Englich) : Z or W + MAJ for run



Link of game: 




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Wow, very cool so far... but somehow I can't find the key in the forest... :D I give it another try after dinner!


One thing I noticed: when moving the camera seems to shake or to jump...not sure how to describe it... you know what I mean? Oh and some of those trees seem to disappear while there are still other trees further away that don't disappear... is that the intended behavior?

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Thank you for your comment and test.


Yes the key is the most difficult to find. we must observe. Try left the forest when you get to the beach. (the key is rusty)


And for the camera that shake or to jump is because of the collisions in the forest. I feel that the engine makes many calculates all the trees goshawks. Maybe he should trees more space or try to use a physical place of moveWithCollisions()


For trees, the LOD that does this. I removed the distant trees to save resources and to show that It Works.


I just wanted that Babylon LOD system is a smoother transition from one level of detail to the other. Can be anr future improvement LOD for engine .

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Nice game ! Didn't find the key, maybe you can make it more visible...


Help me I'm stuck on this island :/


Temechon good point, I'll try to make it more visible. In the meantime, we must look to the left of the forest and at the bottom.
Thank you Deltakosh I add the link image of 400 * 250 if you want to put that the demo on the site in THIRD-PARTY ?
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C'est bon dad :)


Not sure what this "can't find the key" stuff is all about as i found it immediately - maybe I've spent too many hours in adventure games looking for keys in dark rooms :o


As for iiceman's comment:


Oh and some of those trees seem to disappear while there are still other trees further away that don't disappear..


What I noticed more was disappearing shadows. The impact of  Octrees or LODs do not cast shadows?


cheers, gryff :)

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I Can't find the key! (Opening debug console...)


Joking - I actually found the key.

Looks really good! Just some points (as we all love to give them):

  • The camera is not always showing the player (hiding behind trees and objects), and if the player is very close to the shed you can't really see him.
  • The actions (for example lighting a fire or picking up the key) can be executed very far away from the target objects. So, standing next tot he shed I triggered the fire.


But those are small things. This is really awesome!!

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Thank you for all your nice comments. Yes there are some small details that could be improved, but I have no idea how yet been taken. I realized this just for educational purposes. I realized this in three weeks. I think that there are things I would do differently if it was to create a real game, but then I wanted to address several features of the engine.


For the camera to go under the ground, I can fix that. but for the camera that goes behind the trees, I do not know how to do. And in terms of what we're going to drown in the water I think is what I can do there.


Very nice as what you have done BigOfGold. I am sure you did a system day/night very realistic. I like.  :)


Jerome, the course OpenClasseRoom is still realization. I am in part 4 which is precisely to explain how I made this mini game. It is therefore not yet offer the CourseLab. But I would not fail to open a new topic for this.  ;)

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