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Line Thickness


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Hi, I was wondering if there was anyway to adjust the thickness of a line.  I'm trying to make some lines stand out more than others.


I've been told to use a cylinder by some people in another post, but cylinders have issues when working with paths and when cameras are close to them.


right now the way I'm doing it is by putting several lines close to each other, but that looks messy and isn't quite perfect.


Thanks for any help!!

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I saw that there was a line vertex shader today.  If you look at it, it certainly looks like at the GPU level, width is passed/considered.



It is an open source system.  Start digging in the .TS or .JS files, and you can probably answer your own question.

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Maybe... at least a good solution for thick lines that are on a singular plane.

hmmm I just actually realized this is being overthought...  and I was about to do some fancy ribbon method that was going to be overkill...

the tube solution with a custom shader set should do it.

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On 6/27/2018 at 6:56 PM, JohnK said:

Hi all!


I use the "line2d" function too to display line segments with the same thickness.
A very awesome and useful function ?!!!

In some situation, when the current line segment and previous line segment nearly overlap, the lines (better: the corners) will get "oversized".

In my screenshots i move the red point in the arrow direction and the lines/corners will get "oversized".

How can i avoid this?

Best regards,




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Change second image to better display the problem
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