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html5 game engine for 2d sniper game


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Hi all!


I'm new to this forum and also new to HTML5 game development. I've basics of HTML5 and JavaScript as my background.


My game project is about 2d sniper game. For this, I've come across game engines like Phaser, Easel, Panda and Pixi. I completed the basic tutorial for developing games with Phaser and Easel. I checked out Panda (didn't go thoroughly) and turns out it also uses Pixi for rendering.


My major requirement is a mobile camera to zoom and move my crosshair to the target. I would like to move the camera using mouse. For this, I think Phaser and Panda provides a great support with the camera object.

But I wanna enhance my game dev skills so Phaser would not be a great choice since it focuses on fast easy development. With that said, I'm having problems with Easel. I don't know how to manipulate the camera and also I don't understand what the 'ticker' class in the docs does. I'm having troubles choosing one out of these.


It would be very helpful if the someone having experiences using these game engines will help me out with some feedback or recommendations. I would like to thank in advance.


Note: I'm sorry if this question has been already asked in this forum or my question is not valid. I just posted my question without searcing much

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If you're after improving your programming skills, why use a composite framework at all? Program the camera class from the ground-up yourself, think about the tasks you want it to solve, how you will integrate it into the game, what API it exposes, etc etc Phaser/Easel etc have solved these problems already of course, and you may want to check how your solution shapes up to theirs, but, try and work it out yourself first—you’ll learn loads from doing this and it’ll give you a big insight into why these frameworks chose the solutions they did.


Having said that, Phaser/Easel/Panda etc dont write the game for you, they just let you focus on the business logic that actually defines your game, rather than the more generic boilerplate-type code that runs your app.

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