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Found 4 results

  1. How does one structure a humanoid mesh and then use it within babylon such that one can ray pick isolated body parts as they move through animations? Does one just leave each body part as a separate object in blender..? How will pickResult tell me that a ray traveled through the right hand? Currently the character is 11 separate meshes and animated completely in javascript, which makes the picking work just fine but is non-desirable for adding animations :D. Also not sure about the performance ramifications
  2. Hi We finished our HTML5 WebGL game Red Crucible Reloaded. Compete with friends or players from around the globe using some of the world's deadliest modern weapons and vehicles. Play with up to 18 players in 10 unique environments designed for infantry, vehicle, and air combat. You can play here on Kongregate. For best performance use 64 bit Firefox. And give the game a bit of time to stream in the first batch of content. Our website Cheers
  3. Hi all! I'm new to this forum and also new to HTML5 game development. I've basics of HTML5 and JavaScript as my background. My game project is about 2d sniper game. For this, I've come across game engines like Phaser, Easel, Panda and Pixi. I completed the basic tutorial for developing games with Phaser and Easel. I checked out Panda (didn't go thoroughly) and turns out it also uses Pixi for rendering. My major requirement is a mobile camera to zoom and move my crosshair to the target. I would like to move the camera using mouse. For this, I think Phaser and Panda provides a great support with the camera object. But I wanna enhance my game dev skills so Phaser would not be a great choice since it focuses on fast easy development. With that said, I'm having problems with Easel. I don't know how to manipulate the camera and also I don't understand what the 'ticker' class in the docs does. I'm having troubles choosing one out of these. It would be very helpful if the someone having experiences using these game engines will help me out with some feedback or recommendations. I would like to thank in advance. Note: I'm sorry if this question has been already asked in this forum or my question is not valid. I just posted my question without searcing much
  4. About a month ago I started working on a First Person Shooter using ThreeJS. The main Goal is to make it easy to design a level/map/game in Blender 3D and have it fully functional in the browser without having the designer touch any of the code (although it is encuraged to look at, play, and help with the code). After about 2 weeks of working on it, I through out everything I had and started over again with BabylonJS. The game is coming along well and I thought it was about time I started sharing, and looking for help. To be honest, my coding is a mess and I'm constantly re-writing things. I really hope that people join in and help me with this project. I definately need some help making the menus and Heads Up Display look nice (anyone good with CSS?), as well as help with everything else. Here is a little bit of the game play: You can play the lastest version here (there might/will be bugs and glitches): http://filmsbykris.com/scripts/metal_bullets And you can get the code here: https://github.com/metalx1000/metal_bullets/ You can catch me on freenode if you want to talk (I go by Metalx1000): http://www.filmsbykris.com/irc.html
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