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Please welcome..the Physically based rendering material!


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We're now looking for your contributions to build awesome scenes using this new material :)

I have just been barely hanging on with this topic, though I could have sworn I modified its vertex shader for variable bone influencers.  Found the shader moved to the materialsLibrary tree, & it does support bones.


I can find no reference to PBRMaterial in FileLoader to load them.  I have a lot of changes for Blender exporter in progress (variable bone influencers wt intelligent reduction maybe, skeleton vertex optimization, shape keys (for TOB), baking using existing UV,  texture resolution reduction (not working), sharable materials across .babylons wt assignable namespaces). 


Once I get these into production, want to look at how PBR might map, and/or be checkbox option.  Is there a plan to load them from a .babylon?

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One more thing.

How can i adjust the strength of the reflection if i set a reflection texture?

Look at this example: http://babylonjs-playground.com/#QQVN7

Both materials should be completly black with no reflection but the one with the reflection texture has very strong fresnel reflections.

I was expecting that the reflectionTexture gets multiplied with the reflectionColor ... or some kind of reflectionPower parameter

At the moment i would have to create different versions of the reflectionTexture to have different reflection strength ... that is a no-go in my case.

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@Kesshi: the PBR is part of the mat library in order to make it easier to edit/update but for your specific ask, just use environmentIntensity: http://babylonjs-playground.com/#QQVN7#1

Thank you, that should do it :-)

About the mat library. I understand that and i like the separation but would it be possible that the build process of the mat library also generates a babylon.pbrMaterial.d.ts file in the dist folder? At the moment i do not have a typescript definition for the materials in the library.

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Hi DK,


I've never really looked into the BJS Master file close enough to see how you are rendering. I assume you're raytracing? Or what methods are you using to sample surface color and attributes?


And if you are firing rays (again, I should just look at this), but is there any control of the subdivision of space such as hierachical subtrees to divide space for more efficient firing of rays? Again, assuming you are raytracing - so I might be completely ignorant in my assuptons, but thought it would be easier to simply ask you, the master, what processes are currently ustilized for your fantastic real-time renderer.


If my assumptions are correct, I have lots of thoughts on the rendering in babylon - not that they hve any value, of course. :huh: And I'm am certainly impressed by the new rendering capabilities, and will look more closely at this in the coming week.





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It's clear as to what you are doing, however it sounds as though you are attempting to emulate light field rendering. Is this what the PBR renderer is attempting to emmulate? If so, this is a huge step forward, and opens up great potential for the future of babylon.js with companies such as Magic Leap - who's displays require light field rendering or a process which can provide similar resulting data for projection. I'm trying to internally "sell" them on WebGL as the standard for mobile real-time rendering. 

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Thanks for the renamming DK.


@dbawel. You can find lots of information on the Web about PBR, it's a standardised approach used by most of 3D engines on the market (realtime or not).

BTW, you're working with MagicLeap ? Wahooo, can't wait to see their new AR device for real !

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