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Announcing the Playground Search Engine


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Hi guys.


Any news on the issue I raised? 


"gl_Position = worldViewProjection"  = 1000 hits?  I checked 3 of the 1000 returns, none contained that string.  I can't see anything I'm doing wrong, but you know me, I certainly could be doing such.  :)  Anyone else getting these results?  thx.

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I just wanted to say that I appreciate this search feature.  I was going to start a new thread about using the assetsmanager.  I then remembered the playground search feature and found my answer in the first playground result.  Thanks! 


A link to the search feature should be added to that stickied welcome page.



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I just thought: what if you guys would introduce some kind of optional meta tag for a title and/or a description? maybe a comment in a certain form what can be extracted by the search engine.

/** * @title "Fancy animations" * @description "animating all kind of meshes with cool effects" */

Or maybe even a certain variable in the code that can be set.

var playgroundMetaInformation = {    title: "Fancy animations",    description: "animating all kind of meshes with cool effects"}

That should be easy to introduce / easy to read ... or am I wrong?

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