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EBook BabylonJS on OpenClassrooms (in FR and English)


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J'ai terminer d’écrire et de corriger mon petit livre "gratuit" sur openClassrooms qui est en Français. Il est complet et traite le plus de chose possible en détaille. N’hésitez pas à ajouter des commentaire en pied de page sur le sommaire du livre.

Je peut à tout moment faire évoluer le livre avec les nouvelles versions de Babylon

Je vous souhaite une bonne lecture

Le lien: https://openclassrooms.com/courses/2819236?status=waiting-for-publication



I finish writing and correcting my little book 'Free' on openClassrooms who is in French (You can try to translate it with Google). It is complete and addresses with the most possible thing in detail. Feel free to add comments in the footer page on the summary of the book.

I may at any time to evolve the book with the new versions of Babylon

I wish you a good reading

Also english version in pdf: https://openclassrooms.com/courses/2819236?status=waiting-for-publication 


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This is awesome.  I have been going through it translated to English and it works pretty good for the most part.  There are pages that don't get translated because you do not have top level text and simply have links.  If you could put text at the top level then they could be translated as well.  Thanks again for all this hard work!

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For any of you that is interested, I used Google Translate and created a document from the site.  I had to do quite a bit of formatting due to grabbing this from the web but I thought others might enjoy reading it more as a PDF.  

Thanks again Dad72 for putting such great work in this. Attached is the English version.  Also, I hope you don't mind me creating this.


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Author requested it to be removed.
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Hello Matt Duffield,

The book says that says all total or partial reproduction is prohibited. Moreover, nothing indicates the author of the book in PDF.

I go created on the site an English version with your pdf coming soon and you, please, remove the link it from your post here, please. But I appreciate your intention. :)

For my book to be validated by openClassRoom (which are publishers) do not redistribute it.

Thank you


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J'ai mis à jour le livre pour y ajouter le chargement des animation à la volé (chapitre 3 - partie 6)
J'ai aussi ajouter pour le chargement des modèles tout ce qui est les loader  .obj, .stl, .gltf (chapitre 2 - partie 1).
Par contre le pdf version anglaise n’est pas à jour.

N’hésitez pas à me proposer des idées d’améliorations de ce cours ou si il y a des choses que vous aimeriez mieux comprendre.


I updated the book to add the loading animation on the fly there (Chapter 3 - Part 6)
I also add for loading models everything the loader .obj, .stl, .gltf (Chapter 2 - Part 1).
As against the English pdf version is outdated.

Please suggest me ideas for improvements of the course or if there are things you would like to understand better.

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