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Hi, I am self-taught programmer. I have a lot of experience in JavaScript, Node.js, Babylon.js, Three.js, Phaser and etc. I am looking for a team of enthusiasts to create browser based games. I'm mostly insterested in developing multiplayer games. So if you have skills in game design, digital art or other game developing related skills I can join you. Lets unite our skills to create something that is worth our time :)

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Hello! I'm a game designer (also 3d artist and a bit of web coder), making free open source games for the browser. Been working on one of the projects for a long time now, but I'm always struggling with the gameplay coding, especially when it comes to multiplayer stuff.

Check out https://AncientBeast.com - https://github.com/FreezingMoon/AncientBeast - it's a prototype (somewhat broken atm), so it lacks animations and online multiplayer, but I'm even looking to hire a part time coder or at least offer bounties for various tasks soon. It's a turn based strategy game, taking elements from Heroes of Might and Magic 3, mobas (dota 2 / league of legends), chess and trading card games (TCG/CCG), while not being chance based at all, extremely strategical (kung-fu for the mind) and very replayable. I also have more prototypes (part of Freezing Moon, my work in progress NPO), so I'm constantly wanting to get people involved in sort of remaking old awesome games as open source, while also getting their design to a whole new level, removing most of the flaws the old games had.

Anyway, I'm always about quality over quantity, so I don't want to spawn a lot of unpolished inferior shovelware games, but rather spend years and even decades to make outstanding stuff. So if you're patient like me and interested in joining forces to make gaming history, that would be awesome ^^  I'm usually around the chat page of the website (#AncientBeast on Freenode).

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Keep in mind that Ancient Beast is currently broken as most abilities got redesigned and the project no longer had a gameplay maintainer for a long time, so I'm only starting to get things back on track and involve more coders now to help with that, fixing issues in the development version. There should be a once again playable release in a few months if things go well. Will add more warnings on the website soon just to make things more clear.

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Gugis, I have just started up a project and am looking for someone to help out. It'll be an MMORTS game leveraging DOM and js/jquery and a little node.js on the front end and php on the backend. I'm leveraging slim to build the backed rest api, but otherwise I'm opting to build from scratch rather than use an existing framework so that I can learn as much as possible.

I am still new to web development, but I like to think I'm catching on at least a little quickly.

Feel free to check out what I have going so far. So far I've gotten almost enough backend in place to focus on the front end some more, but there's a little there to get some basic end to end testing done.


If you're interested, let me know and we can find some time to chat in more detail.

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4 hours ago, Flopi said:

Hi, I'm new developing games with HTML (moreless), and I would like to find some development team to contribute ideas and to learn from them, so if you need some rookie let me know :) 


Below I show I'm developing a game online only with nodejs


Sure thing! Doing nodejs game as well, feel free to join our chatroom :) https://gitter.im/FreezingMoon/AncientBeast

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