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Best version of Phaser to use?


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Is the newest version of Phaser (2.4.6) the best one to use for production games?

I'm currently building a simple game that doesn't require a lot of Phaser features, but it seems to lag on some older devices. 

So would you recommend using an older version of Phaser that might be faster? If so, which one?


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45 minutes ago, shohan4556 said:

I think the previous one good for production, if the latest version is 2.4.6 then choose 2.4.5. I usually do this because the previous is more mature than the latest one.


I wouldn't do that, previous version had some serious bugs if I remember correctly and version 2.4.6 was released like the same day or a day later because of that so I would advise to go for the 2.4.6.

31 minutes ago, toto88x said:

I just tried with Phaser 2.2, and things are a lot smoother, and no more bugs in the audio on iOS.

Are there any important drawbacks of using Phaser 2.2 instead of the newest ones?

Every later version solves some bugs and some things that don't work as intended or don't work at all. Plus newer version bring you a lot of new stuff you can use just check it yourself open notes for versions 2.2.0 up to tha latest (stable) 2.4.6 and you will see there is a lot that has changed, was added or (especially) was fixed. Some new classes appeared in newer versions support for different things and so on (2.4.0 added support for http://www.kestrelmoon.com/creature/ according to notes). If the game works for you with your version then there is probably no need to switch right away but with the next game I would go with a newer version that's all.

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It's a bit of a double-edged sword. The further you go back, the earlier build of Pixi Phaser is using, and arguably it's faster in some aspects (not many, but some). So the rendering side may improve slightly. However the amount of bugs that have been fixed since 2.2 is truly massive. And browsers have changed a lot since then too. You will not get proper looping audio in 2.2 for example, you will get deprecation warnings in Chrome from various calls Phaser used to make then, but no longer does. You'll win on maybe a couple of counts, and lose massively on lots of others.

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