DatTank multiplayer webGL game!

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Hi everybody again!
Improved the game and added some new features:

- Added Ammo & Health boxes on map.

- Added one more tank type [now there are two, and you can select which you want].

- Some UI improvements.


Will be glad to here more feedback!

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Lost of updates were made, today was v0.6.0

New physics engine was integrated, cannon instead of p2, and it feels much better now,

but need to know if it isn't too performance-heavy at the moment..

Looking forward to get any feedback and thoughts :)


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Greetings! Attempted a play test using Chrome on MacOS Mojave, Then on Firefox using same OS.

Who doesn't love tanks? Very fun multiplayer game that's pretty much all action. Quite enjoyable.

The project seems to be coming together well. I would point out that it didn't load correctly for Chrome. (I had to switch to Firefox to play it, which it ran fine in.)

I've attached a screen shot of the console output for Chrome. It made it to the network connection screen and then froze.

Once I switched to Firefox it ran quite well and was a lot of fun. Great work and Good Luck!


Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 4.34.08 AM.png

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