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[Phaser] Psychology dissertation project

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My girlfriend is studying a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology and as part of her dissertation I have worked with her to produce a game as part of her study. Falling back on what I know and love, I've put this together in Phaser using a combination of my own artwork and assets from OpenGameArt.org (all credited in the unminified, reasonably well commented source).

Please be aware that we only have approval to use the data from UK citizens, but if you were to play from outside of the UK we do have the ability to verify locations so don't worry too much about that. We may change the entry requirements to be more forgiving in this regard for those curious but concerned that they're not UK-based.

You can play the game (and thus participate in the study, helping both a student of psychology and indeed the rest of the world by contributing valuable data to an important research area!) here: http://www.udof.org/hcorby/

The inspiration for the game is partly Zelda, Soleil and other such oldschool RPGs.

The game should take around 10 minutes or less to complete, and is followed by a short questionnaire session. There's also a chance to win some Amazon vouchers for successfully completing the game and the questionnaires (please remember to submit your email address at the end). No data collected will be passed on to third parties or sold, and will be used only for academic research purposes - email addresses will only be used to contact the winners of the prize draw and will be subsequently discarded.

Thanks for reading and we hope you play and have fun!




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I was in the Control Condition? I'm going to assume that makes me a hoarder :lol: I had no need for anything other than 5 stars, but I had to collect everything I saw! More because I always aim for 100% completion when playing games. It's more about doing everything!

I'm sure this has some accuracy towards my natural tendencies, and should be of help! The questionnaire was a little difficult. What if not all of the clutter is mine?

Also. I really REALLY loved that tree knocking feature. I was smashing into them long after everything had been collected, haha, that game was really really well made!

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I collected everything, just because the instructions could have been purposefully misleading and there might have been an extra reward for other items/extra stars in the end, or they might be needed. I missed the first star and another item on the sky stage and this annoyed me cause the change to a sidescroller was unexpected. I classified as a scarcity/IDKwhatelse condition. I completed the questionnaire but didn't submit my email, cause anyways I don't live in the UK. Anyways, it was quite an interesting experiment. I'd go as far as to say this kind of game-tests could be a lot more appealing and usable than other psychology tests, as it may be difficult for the patient to asses what they're really being tested for.


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