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Setting up a project using modern JavaScript


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Hello everyone! I have kind of a complicated question. I'm currently doing my thesis at uni, the topic being web based games (specifically 3d ones). I'm going to create a small multiplayer Bomberman clone and reflect the process on the thesis itself; what problems I had, how does the development compare to for example Unity etc. I have used Unity kind of a lot and know the basics of threejs. However, after many hours I decided to make the game with Babylon, since it seems to be more suitable for the task at hand. I have a strong web-development background, so the thesis pretty much gives me some time to learn more about game programming :)

Ah yes the question itself, which is pretty much about setting up the project. I would like to have help with these areas:

  • Using modern JavaScript, ES6 syntax and features for BabylonJS.
  • Maybe load the modules using, for example, SystemJS. Is this a silly idea?
  • Is it best to use, for example, Gulp for the deployment stuff, like minification?

However, I have not found that many sample projects at all for the engine itself. Maybe I haven't digged far enough? If anyone has any useful links, sample projects or ideas to share with me I would be really blessed. Thank you in advance for reading my lengthy post :)

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Hello @Panuchka and welcome to the forum. However I am quite confused by your post and how we could help you (but then I am easily confused).  This is how I read your post and my answers

1 Can you help me write modern Javascript using ES6 syntax - this is not within the scope of this forum

2 Can you help me design a project that will use the features of BabylonJS and modern Javascript and ES6 syntax - No not really, specific technical questions will be answered quickly but this is too vague to attempt to answer.

3 Can I use SystemJS to load modules? - what modules? how do you plan to break down your project into what modules?

4 Is Gulp the best way to deploy the project - not within the scope of this forum?

5 Useful links for projects and ideas - there are many ideas  within the forum and on the BJS landing page that can be further developed.

If these are not the questions you were asking then please have a re-think and see if you can come up with a more specific question. How about drawing up an outline plan of your game showing this module and that module and the other modules asking how this BJS module would communicate with this interface module or something along those lines?

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I use Visual Studio Community Edition:


Install and Start VS then

File > New Project > Templates > Other Languages > Typscript

You can install BabylonJS using NuGet or you can download it here:


and include it in your project.  Make sure you get the js file and the .d.ts file.

You can play around with the samples here:


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