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Problem with Multiple Meshes (No Bones) and Animations in the Same Scene From Blender 2.78a to Babylon JS


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I have 3 meshes in a Blender scene. Each mesh has its own origin and animation. The meshes animate as expected when viewed in Blender, i.e. they move as distinct meshes and have their own distinct animation.  When I export to Babylon JS and test it in the sandbox at "http://www.babylonjs.com/sandbox/", all meshes seem to share the same origin and all 3 animations are applied automatically to them. I am not sure if this a bug but I have tried exporting different animated meshes in the same scene from blender and I keep getting the same results. Could someone please give some advice on this. I am using Blender 2.78a and Babylon.js 5.0.6 exporter.

Please find below the .blend and Babylon JS files.



3 Mesh Animation.blend


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Hi Junior!  Sorry to hear about the problems.


Hmm.  Yeah, according to the .babylon file (excerpt above), all three mesh took-on the position of the LAST mesh ("Plane").  Cone is suppose to be at position 0,0,0 and plane.001 should be at Blender-position 0, 1.82371, 0.  (0, 0, 1.82381 in BJS land).  Something went wrong during the export.

Can you revert to the previous version of the exporter?  Might work.  No promises. Thanks for the report.

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On 11/1/2016 at 0:34 PM, JCPalmer said:

Yeah, I looked at that.  Don't know

Hello Guys, thanks for your  work with Babylon JS and Blender. I have tried  the latest blender exporter (Version 5.1.0) but the problem with multiple meshes and animations has still not been resolved. I am not a programmer else I would try fix it my self, but I know that this was not an issue 2 years ago with earlier developments of Blender and Babylon JS version 2.2. I appreciate the time and effort that you take to make this framework a success and I would like to help  make it better by testing it to report bugs or glitches.

Two years ago, I created a test project that had multiple meshes and animations that actually worked. You can view the project here. (Click on the doors and hood to see the animations.) The *.babylon file for this project does not work with the current online version of the Sandbox. I am not sure if it is because of the file size (21 Megabytes) or that the framework has been completely rewritten since version 2.2. of Babylon JS. 

I would like to know however, if there will be a fix for the issue with multiple meshes and animations with the Blender exporter.  How can I help to make it possible. Thanks for your effort.

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Will there be a fix, not by me in the near future.  Not sure there is a fix. Found limitations detecting things related to actions.  5.0 allows you to isolate actions to individual meshes.  From 5.0 release announcement:


When there are multiple meshes with actions in a .BLEND, it is not possible to determine which meshes participate in which actions. When there is an action which is only done by one Mesh, place the mesh name then a '-' in the name of the action to isolate it.

Suggest you try naming your actions such that an action only affects one mesh, then name them using this format.

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