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Earth Destroyed - Playground Changes to Blame?


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Fellow members we are now living in a virtual world (what's new). The earth as we know it no longer exists, dropped south and exits. Check out Playground Example 14 Height Map our earth has gone.

Let us appeal to our gods for its return

 @Deltakosh  we humble mortals pray for the return of earth.jpg

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hehe.  What a nut!  :)

Donny Trump pushed the wrong button, and now he wants to blame it on "natural phenomena", eh? 

Trump card!  Trump Maneuver!  Trumpian Prophecies.  The left hand claiming it doesn't know what the right hand is doing.  :)

It's okay, I have a spare inflatable Earth in the closet, here.  heh

Butt hay... my intellisense is working again (in FF), and we got a big wide "select-a-demo" pulldown, and and and... good stuff!  Yay stuff!

Chess, anyone?

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