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Phaser Editor v1.3.0 released


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We just released a new Phaser Editor version (1.3.0)

  • Updated to the latest Eclipse version (Neon.1): Performance improvements and much more.
  • Eclipse Marketplace Client: to install third party plugins, like EGit. We are evaluating the typescript plugins developed by the Eclipse community.
  • Automatic Updates: all components of the editor will be updated automatically, including the latest Phaser official version (no Phaser CE support for now)
  • Improved JS Editor: small changes in the JS type inference engine that results in a much better content assist (yet not *perfect*)
  • Bug fixing, performance improvements and *minor* features in the scene editor, asset pack, local HTTP server, project templates and chains.
  • New learning content: we wrote a tutorial in the GameDevAcademy blog, about how to make a platformer game with the visual scene editor.

Read more in the release notes

For the next release we plan to focus on:

  • Do a research of the available Typescript plugins and write a tutorial about how to install them.
  • Start with the implementation of the P2 Physics tools for the visual level editor.
  • Support Phaser v3 if it is released in the next 3 months.

See you soon!


(Scene editor: Added two new parameters to the Animations editor)



(Scene editor: recovery from missing assets)



(Check for Updates)



(Eclipse Marketplace)






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