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Leadbolt alternative for start


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Looking for some ad service, that would not double proportionally depend on traffic(like True Valhalla mentioned about Leadbolt in this theme:  http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/202-generating-html5-advertising-revenue-with-leadbolt/).

So, ad network for start. After some researching, have found some: Ad4Game, Copacet, Madvertise, Mojivo, Inneractive(ads provider). Also this article:




What can you recommend?

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Don't rule out Google AdSense. Traditionally you haven't been allowed to use AdSense in games, but this has recently all changed and they now offer the IMA SDK in a full HTML5 version, specifically for use in games. There are policies you should take time to read, but they've made it pretty easy to use:



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Google recently changed how PUSH notifications work so networks such as Leadbolt, Airpush and Sendorid CPMs have drastically dropped.


Google Adsense is a great network to start with because they're the most reputable but also don't pay that well in for the majority of your traffic.


It really comes down to where the majority of your traffic comes from. Device type and country are big factors in how much you'll make from each network.


I work with millions of clicks a day from a variety of sources, so if I know more about your traffic I can hopefully provide some viable insight. 

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I'm also interested in buying mobile traffic for several countries and can pay a higher CPM than most networks since I work direct with the client. Feel free to reach out to me on Skype: RevivedBrent or email [email protected] with any details you have on your traffic. I'm willing to do a small pre-pay out of good faith so we can see if it'll work out for both of us.

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The CPM's differ per country but am confident I can beat any CPM you're currently making from networks for the traffic that I can work with. We're not an Ad Network so we're not reselling the inventory to other advertisers instead we are buying the inventory for our clients on a performance basis. 

So to put it simply I would buy the country traffic our clients need at a higher CPM than your current network while still allowing you to sell all the inventory we can't work with to your current ad network of choice. Also once I get some performance metrics back from the client if everything is backing out well I can even up the CPM higher to help you maximize your income.


Also to take any risk out of your court I'd be willing to beat the CPM you're currently getting from your network at a flat rate prepay as I'm looking for long term relationships that work out for everyone.

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