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Found 10 results

  1. Hi All, I have been creating a mobile game using phaser and packaging it using cordova. I need a good video ad plugin for my game. Tried ADMOB, there was a Huge FPS drop while pre-loading the video ad. (https://github.com/floatinghotpot/cordova-admob-pro) Kindly Suggest me a Good One
  2. I have an online games site- ozogames dot com and I am alloting one spot in my front page for any game (must be responsive). Site gets 150uv a day. 15$ for 30 days. Here is where your game will be-
  3. Currently i am making a HTML game. I want to get revenue from advertisements but i don't know which ad network is the best for me. I used Google's AdSense (for YouTube) for 1 years and it was really good. But it seems like i can't use it on one-page games. I find AdMob but i think it's for only Android and iOS... What do you think about best ad network for web games? Which one you use?
  4. Hi all, I hope to hear about which one is really good or recommended advertisement company? I heard LeadBolt is good but I don't know if they have video ads for mobile web apps? Any suggestions?
  5. @Rich now that I have been playing with phaser for a while it's time to release the first iOS game: I would like to provide some information about frameworks / engines etc that were used. so I like to implement the phaser-logo too. (If this is OK for you) In the master are some logos but the text-logos are not available as vectors. Can you please provide a logo that you would like to see implemented in games made with phaser? For my purposes a 1c logo would be perfect and as .eps or some vector format or high res pixeldata. Since all other logos are displayed in white and as text-logos the phaser-logo should match the whole design. If you would like to see something else ingame, feel free to give me feedback. Regards
  6. hello, i want to insert an ad in my phaser game. i have seen this things from anthor 2D html5 engine. var webView = new LStageWebView(); webView.setViewPort(new LRectangle(10,680,LGlobal.width,60)); webView.loadURL("http://lufylegend.com/ad/game_vertical_01.html"); webView.show(); it contains an ad WebView in the game。 can any body help ,thanks.
  7. iWin, Inc. is a leading multi-platform developer, publisher, and distributor of casual games bringing fun and engaging entertainment to millions of players. The iWin Network is one of the leading casual games network, offering over 3,000 download and online games, reaching 10+ millions of visitors each month. We have just launched our mobile web portal, strictly for HTML5 games. Please visit www.iwin.com on your mobile device to have a look. We are looking for fun and addicting HTML5 games to distribute on our mobile portal. If you think you have a great game and would like to potentially be rewarded for your work, please contact us at bd@iwin.com Happy Developing/Gaming!
  8. Hi All! Check it out - fgl.com launching their own API for AD/IAP for HTML5 games. https://www.fgl.com/other/html5opportunities/ $200 per game for 5-minute work EDIT: If you use haxe/flambe this link can help: http://blog.jetlab-games.com/2013/12/fgl-api-and-haxe/
  9. Hi, If anyone willing to share, and if you put ads on your HTML5 game, how much is your average impressions of any of your game? and where do you put your ads on that game? Mine is kinda low so far, around 64 until now for my latest game. I'm really looking for anyone who has a game that gets avereage of 20K++ impressions per day. Thank you!
  10. Looking for some ad service, that would not double proportionally depend on traffic(like True Valhalla mentioned about Leadbolt in this theme: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/202-generating-html5-advertising-revenue-with-leadbolt/). So, ad network for start. After some researching, have found some: Ad4Game, Copacet, Madvertise, Mojivo, Inneractive(ads provider). Also this article: http://www.mobithinking.com/mobile-ad-network-guide/blind What can you recommend?
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