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HTML5 Games [Phaser] for sale


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Hello everyone,

my name is Sascha and I'm developing websites and games.

Here on this thread I want to offer you some of my games. (step by step), if you are interested in one game, please contact me on [email protected] All is possible, just to buy a single-use license, a single-use license with you're brand, a exclusive license (if not sold in another way until the request comes in), to buy the source code or graphic templates. Just contact me, I'm openminded for a lot of ways.

The games offered in this thread are build with javascript and the frameworks jQuery and phaser.io.

Pathfinder (1920x1080 | scaleable and fullscreen possible):


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Nice puzzle. Finsihed all 15 levels. Needs more levels and a bit more complexity.

Some levels were easy, some were harder, but in the end I managed to solve each level in 3-4 minutes, max by taking all 3 stars.

It does hold your attention but runs out of juice quickly.

Add rewarding animation which plays when the user finishes the game. "Well done!" or "Good Job" etc...

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Thank you for your feedback.

Sure I can update the game in the next days a bit. 

More levels are no problem, the game has an own editor to generate as much levels as wished.

That you got all levels with 3 stars is good. Most people who tested it before often asked, if it's possible to get all 3 stars :D most of them failed first time on level 2. Thought it was easier but some people think on other ways but it makes them play and play again, so the idea behind is good I think. 


Will try to make the total package a bit better.

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