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Would you like to help moderate this forum?


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As this forum carries on gaining new members I feel we could benefit from a couple more moderators, especially if you're in the US, or the opposite: Aus / Far East time zones.


Basically we've got a really friendly community here, but I need some help approving posts so they can get approved quicker, as new members currently have to wait for post approval before they can really take part - and while the current mods do a great job there are only a few of us, and we're in similar time zones, so it makes sense to increase this number.


If you're interested and can dedicate a short amount of time every day or two, then let me know. Previous mod experience a bonus. I'd value someone who can pop-in and spend 10 mins approving a few posts on a regular basis, than only come in once a week.

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I'll be glad to help since I'm checking the forum daily and the sections I visit most in order of frequency are:

  1. Phaser
  2. News
  3. Coding and Game Logic
  4. 2D
  5. Game Showcase
  6. Pixi
  7. General Talk
  8. all others

My timezone is GMT +2 hourss so message me if you need my help too.



I often remind people about the "Mark as Answer"button :P so I'm a mod in shadow :D :D but also wan't to move some topic like this:




and this




to the Phaser section. ;)



p.s. 2

I've never been a Moderator ... :D always Admin. (and mostly on phpbb3).

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Lots of familiar faces here - nice to see! I plan on spending a lot more time around these parts, so I'd be up for moderating any of the basic forums - general, 2D, etc. Like Ozdy, if there's ever a Haxe sub-forum, I'd be down for that too, as that's what I'll be using. As for past mod experience, nearly 4 years over at FGL, though I believe you already know that.

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Im west coast US...  but I dont know about moderating...  and don't know if I want that responsibility...  but if you have no better contenders on the west coast.

@rich I just reread what you looking for, if that's the front of the work load being a mod, then yeah I got you buddy.  I will not be doing any disciplinary stuff though not into being a warden...


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