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The "light" theme should have a black editor background with golden text and intelliText and and and... nah, nevermind.  :)

Yeah, T-man... your retain search-text upon 0 returns -idea... will be fine with me.  Thx for asking. 

Hell, retain text ALL the time, no matter the returns... that is fine with me, too. (with ALL text selected/highlighted? *shrug*)

Yep, yep, yep... all good.  thx.  You understand the issue perfectly, so, use your good wisdom for the details/methods.

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That dark theme is... pretty nice.  My eyes like it.  Thx for that... very good.

:) Have you... umm... control-mouswheel'd over the PG GUI... kicked it up to OldPeople/HappyMeal font sizes... and watched the top button-bar NOT wrap?  But, it IS cool how it keeps the PRIMARY buttons, and eliminates the added-features buttons.  Almost like it was designed that way.  Perhaps, not supposed-to wrap.  (Control + and control -   ... also scale the HTML)

Notice the "fuzzy" mesh edges... when we do that control-mousewheel geezer-zoom?  That doesn't seem right.  I wonder why that happens. 

Stuff.  Stuff to investigate.  Stuff that makes ya go "hmm". (thx)


Would anyone agree that the black-on-white numbers along the borders of the scrabble board plane... have their best clarity and resolution... when control - (unzoom) is at its smallest (when the html is scaled tiny)? 

Seems like that to me.  But the canvas IS also zooming a bit, as I downscale the HTML.  Perhaps THAT is changing the canvas clarity.

Likely, this has nothing to do with the new PG features.  It has probably been this way for over a year, and it might be unavoidable.  *shrug*  Use The Wingnut Chronicles for replies, if this topic is deemed to be the wrong place for this tangent topic.

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Hmm, no talk about the blurry 3D when HTML scaled-up, huh?  ooookay.   :o  Put it in Q&A instead?  *shrug*

I suppose if we REALLY hit the controversial stuff... like the Netlify ad on the bottom of the playground... I'll get DOUBLE silence on THAT subject.  :D

Some kind of contractual obligation?  hmm.

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17 hours ago, JohnK said:

In Firefox 52.0.2 (64-bit) I am not getting the OK button with the Metadata dialogue box, OK with Chrome.

The OK button disappear when the PG have some metadatas. It's a simple div, I doubt this is due to your web browser brand :P

Or maybe it's was this issue (corrected now, waiting PR) : https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/issues/2036


If you see this bug again, don't hesitate to create an issue and specify the playground link :)

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Hi guys.  Not sure if this is correct place.  Probably should use "debugger" topic.  Oh well. 

- I see 2 "Total lights" entries in PG debug "stats" section.  Should it be only one?  Is one of them supposed-to be 'Total cameras'?

[I'm viewing this demo if it matters]

- I also think "Active indices" should be renamed "Total indices" and moved-up... to be under 'Total vertices'.

- Resolution field might not be right for "Duration" category.  PERHAPS... umm... place another hyphen after the FPS reading, and put it there.  No reason to use the "Resolution" label... just put the numbers up there.

One example:  

Babylon.js v3.0-alpha - 60 fps - 1435 x 964
Maybe reverse it...
Babylon.js v3.0-alpha - 1435 x 964 - 60 fps
I think that (one of those) would be fine for the "resolution" display, and you gain-back a list-item slot.  *shrug* 
- How about making 'Count' and 'Duration' category titles... be plural?  (Counts and Durations
- Maybe all category titles could be lime green?  Perhaps make 'Babylon.js v3.0-alpha' be colored, too?  And if you move resolution to that line, maybe make IT colored, too?   purrrrdy.
- In fact, should debug have a light/dark theme selector?  Wow!  :)
Just thoughts.  Hope everyone is well.
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Hmm, sometimes, we are just creating "trashable" playgrounds to test some things. Not really valuable, those PG fill the search engine with rubbish. When saving, in the name/description panel, we could add a button "do not indexed for search engine". Those PG would not need any name/desc, and should not be indexed, to avoid thousands of useless playground to appear in the search results.

What do you think ?

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