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Bored Button by Gabble Studios, dozens of html5 games in just one app


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Just found this app, has anyone else seen this one? It's a single app that gives access to loads of html5 games.

Bored Button app by Gabble Studios is basically a webgame portal, except in the form of an app.
There's a red button in the bottom right corner, the player can press this button and the app start a random game.
Play the game for a while (or a couple of seconds?) and press the red button to move onto the next random game.

Bored Button - Android app / iPhone app

I've tried it and clicked through some of the games and found the following games in there:

Each game has a "Bored Button Games" loading screen, so I assume Gabble Studio made deals with each of the original game developers. But still, to be honest as a developer it's a little discouraging seeing dozens of html5 games bunched together like that. I mean, does the player even care for these games? Do the developers (other than Gabble Studios) make any money off of this? Doesn't this devaluated the market? Or is it rather a reflection of the current state of the market?

Any thoughts on this?

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I think an app should have only one game, but that is my opinion.

Google Play Store also recommends one game per app.

Saying that, I don't think they are doing anything wrong if the games they are using are from legitimate developing and licensing, not stolen.

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