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It would be nice to have a PBR material editor. Alternative to fix the bugs on the editor.babylonjs.com

Upon creating a new PBR material, metalness property is not visible. It only shows after deselecting and selecting the object again, or adding and removing a texture. Could this bug be solved?


And if so, could you enable a way to export the whole material setting into code?



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Another feature: support Reflection Probes in the same way Unreal does.

Unreal let's you add radius to reflection probes and it combines all reflection probes on scene to give the appropriate reflection to each object.


You can set one big radius reflection probe that covers the entire scene and then many small radius reflection probes next to each object to cover reflection details on Unreal. Then everything is handled automatically.

This means that reflection cubemaps will be set automatically. However the magic is not the automation but actually the heavy math that interpolates all the reflection probes output and creates new specific reflection probe images for each object on scene. 


If this could be possible it would be... incredible.

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2 hours ago, Deltakosh said:

Pinging @Luaacro for editor bugs (Can you create issue on its repo? https://github.com/BabylonJS/Editor)

I just did! Issue created:

I added the steps for reproduction of bug.

About reflection probes, that awesome to hear that!.

P.S: This seems to be a nice community. Thanks for all your replies.

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+1 for reflection probes! :)

This make me thinking about a reflection probe option which can be cool (don't know if I already talked about this feature): have a parameter to visualize the probe, by generating a sphere with the probe cubeTexture applied on it. For example a property called probeViewer, why not. For non-infinite probes, we can even imagine this option showing the bounding box.

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On 11/4/2018 at 10:33 AM, V!nc3r said:

+1 for reflection probes! :)

This make me thinking about a reflection probe option which can be cool (don't know if I already talked about this feature): have a parameter to visualize the probe, by generating a sphere with the probe cubeTexture applied on it. For example a property called probeViewer, why not. For non-infinite probes, we can even imagine this option showing the bounding box.

That sounds like a fantastic idea! I believe Unreal supports both cubic and spherical mapping for probes.


On Unreal there is a "build" button. I suppose interpolating all images accordingly is hard CPU work. We would have to think of how to make this work. Meaning would this calculation be done just once on the first frame, updated every X frames, or pre-built "offline" (and make this feature as part of Babylon Editor?)

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@aFalcon completely forgot about my world famous spin/spinTO stuff.   (packed with CreateAndStart's).

Tightest and easiest eased Create'n'Starts to be found this side of the Rockies!   Then again, I think aFalcon lives ON the Rockies, so there may be an issue, there.  ;)

Apparently he hates my little animation modules.   I'm just joking around, as always.  :)

Here's DK's PG... with some more features turned-on... and easily viewable.  Those 100-parameter constructors can get a little difficult to text-wrangle, eh?

Yeah, createAndStart was a goooooooood Deltakosh invention, for sure.  You should have been at the release party... it was HUGE and mega-fun.  Blink 182 played and we ate roast corn and raised our glasses to the new easily-understandable and highly-teachy createAndStart feature.  I think DK got hugged about 4000 times.  :)

Notice it has automatic animationTarget datatype sensing/setting!  OMG!  Wonderful!

I shouldn't yap so much in the pinned "What's Next" thread... it's kind of important.  Sorry.

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 animation-configuration-objects can be put in a single array,

var anmScript = [anm1, anm2, anm3,...];

...triggered at run-time.  : )


token animations - give single line animation loops,:

BABYLON.animation({attr:'opacity',to:0, from:0, done:fn(){]);

And single-line animation loops is what makes ....animation-factories.




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ahh yeah, single obj parameter... an options object.  Yuh, good idea. 

Believe it or not, in that most-recent playground... I started to do that.  "Hell, I'll just make an options object and feed THAT as a single param to create'n'start."..  but then I used a come-along to winch my head out of my butt... realizing that such... would not work.  :)  At least I don't think it would work.  My dog suggested I NOT try it.  heh.

But yeah...

var options = {
   name: ?,
   node: ?,
   targetProperty: ?,
   framePerSecond: ?,
   totalFrame: ?,
   from: ?,
   to: ?,
   loopMode: ?,
   easingFunction: ?,
   onAnimationEnd: ?

BABYLON.animateByOptions(options);  :)

*shrug*  Interesting.  I think I'm on-subject now, whether that matters or not.  :)  I think you could do this with a "middleware" function... such as yourScene.animateByOptions(options).  Just have your middleware func... install all the options values... into a standard create'n'start, right?  A "pre-processor" for standard create'n'start.

And yeah, definitely worth looking-at... for a future core func/feature, imho.

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You got two likes for that, and you didn't even code the middleware func?  pfft.  :D

Not really "middleware" I suppose.  Better named:  "options-object-to-CreateAndStartAnimation-adapter".  :)



What's Next?:   I wish my cursor keys and return key would not quit working in the middle of typing posts.  That sucks.  I wonder if @rich and the kids at Invision Community... know it is happening.  Verified by one other user, so far.  Possibly FF only.  I run Windows, other user runs Ubuntu (African Linux?) or something like that.  Save the message, re-edit, all works again, for a while.  Do too much editing, and it all fails again.  They're trying to slow-down my yapping, but it WON'T WORK!  heh.

BeSpeaking-of Invision Community/bespoke... https://invisioncommunity.com/features/publishing

Cooool.  If a guy had permission to do... "choosing one of our built-in layouts, then drag and drop page elements"... a guy could do some damage.  I figged I'd have somebody backup The Wingnut Chronicles, then give me access to those layouts/templates, then I could make some bespoke apps that ONLY targeted the backup Wingnut Chronicles.  Safe hacking area.

One thing I want to do... turn the entire WC thread into one continuous webpage... no paging.  THEN... I can re-pub that webpage to anywhere with free space.  THEN, we can "crop" WC... perhaps removing the first 3 years.  Searches can be done on the ENTIRE WC thread... by document-searching the archived "big webpage". 

No knowledge is lost, that way.  (you know, like when OTHERS talked in tWC)  :D

Anyway, getting someone on "the inside"... able to write special JS/HTML apps/portals... which use our forum archives as their data source... that might be cool and fun, and add a bit of "sparkle" to our forum.  (things like... BJS most-active users report/page, or world map showing where some forum users live... etc.)  Once we can nicely wrangle the forum data... we will have some power... like special forum queries/reports.   These "dynamic/live apps" could be browsed from the docs areas and from playground clicks.  Integration!  Wow!  Professional "resource discovery" (data munging/filtering) Gods! 

Someday, the playground will "see" what you are stuggling-with, and start gathering docs links, other playground urls, and forum posts... in the background... pre-fetched for when you are totally frustrated and reluctantly resort-to... doing research (yech!)  ;)    Just press the playground's "Please Help Me With This Annoying S.O.B." button, and boom... the bucket-o-help opens... which was collected behind the scenes... from forum searches, playground searches, and docs searches.  SO COOL!  Intellisense on steroids.  :)

And if Invision Community didn't charge us anything... for access-to, and then showing-off its custom database interface layouts/templates... that'd be even sweller.  :)

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