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Right Angle to a Direction


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Hi gang.  I have another noob question.

   I have a direction vector (-1, 0, 0).  Let's pretend that is "forward".  (it could be a much more complex direction, too)

If I want to "derive"/calc a LEFT and RIGHT direction... based-upon the first direction, what might be the best way?  Or, ANY way.  :)

Essentially, I need v3.leftFromDirection(firstDirection) and v3.rightFromDirection(firstDirection)

Would that be "left orthogonal" and "right orthogonal"?  I think so.

firstDirection.negate() returns the opposite direction, so that condition is handled.

Can anyone help?  Thx!

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You need more information.
You need an eye vector, a target/direction vector and an up vector if Im not mistaken... but I might be crazy/dumb.

I think  a * b = |a| *|b|*cos(90deg) = 0, is a thing too for establishing right angles... but I forget how to resolve that when you only have one vector, It should not be to hard though...

>_< this makes me want to go back to school... there was a time where I knew all this off the top of my head.

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It works fine, no matter.  I used Cross(BABYLON.Vector3.Up(), firstDirection.negate())  (for a left-aiming direction)


Line 371 uses P8's value for the top right arrow direction.

In line 401, I call "echoPulsar" with the "left" parameter.  We want to "echo" the upper right arrow... but aiming leftward instead.

Another arrow has been placed on the backside of the red mesh... aiming leftward... when viewed from initial upper-right arrow.

Adam's call is in line 289.  :)  Seems to work.  Ignore the difference in contactPoint/position.  That is expected.



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In my mind that makes no sense.  That's working under the assumption that the up direction to the first direction is always 0,1,0. But what if that not really the "up" direction.

@adam That fills in some blanks for me, cool thanks I figured its all relates to your point of reference.

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I was picturing a spaceship or an airplane, and how as its pitchs and rolls the up vector changes and effects the direction of yaw, so up cant always be 0,1,0 unless you are using a fixed reference point.  Which then the vector's right angle is always in global not local.

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Pitch and roll does not affect yaw.  :o  If it does, you have a broken airplane. 

Are you thinking about directions... spinning on their z-axis?  Rolled directions?   Yeah, I was there... until I realized that spinning arrows still fly the same direction.

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So again it comes down to three points your "eye" position, your forward vector and your up vector:

When doing Cross(BABYLON.Vector3.Up(), firstDirection.negate())
your making the assumptions that the eye vector is 0,0,0 and the up is 0,1,0

which limits the number of "right" angles.

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