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terrain canyon


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thanks @jerome i know but always forget that 

@Dad72  if you look this you can make it by 100 kb with a lot of option  but any of this options in modeling have ( 10K vertex have 3 point + 10knormal have 3 point and 10k uv have 2 point ) 

so it is 10000 * 3*3*2 * (12  for number when that save in string  xxxxxx.xxxxxx) = 2160000 = 2.1 m ( 800k in gzip per each object)

and you cant manage math option like coding  and i cant compare 100k ( for a lot option without gzip ) != 800k gzip for one object


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i need talk with forum  programer to add this code in submit buttom ( for post and reply )

if(username == "Nasimiasl") 

PostContent = PostContent.replace("http://www.babylonjs-play","https://www.babylonjs-play");

that work i personally do it some where :)

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10 hours ago, NasimiAsl said:

step 2 : make single canyon

@NasimiAsl  awesome talent.... again.

Thank you for showing us how to make it in 3d.

That math is pretty awesome. Understands just the simple parts. 

Nice trick to get GeometryBuilder. Http(s)I see what you mean...

AdvancedTexture (gui) and noise. Is very nice.

 +Like the patterns. Wish i could understand them more...


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