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[SOLVED] How to move eyeball of walking person?


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I have a person with rigged eyeballs.

I can get the bone of the eyeball and move it around while the person is not animated.  But when the person is walking I can no longer control the eyes.  They just stay fixed in the same place.  It feels like the eyes have motion set in the key data in the .babylon file.

Does anyone know how to control a bone while an animation is running?

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This is the .babylon data for the right eye


Maybe there's something in there that is forcing a position on the eye while the animation is running.  I've tried deleting the keys but then the eye disappears completely

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I had tried to do this some time ago and I had not succeeded too. In fact babylon can only play one animation at a time of what I understood.

Otherwise it is necessary that the movement of the eyes is integrated in the animation of walk for example. If there are two separate animations, only one will play.

This subject interests me a lot if a solution is found. Maybe something is missing at babylon to handle multiple simultaneous animations.

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