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HyperDiver - dungeon crawler puzzle in space!


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Hello all,

My name is Alexander and I am a professional HTML5 game developer from St Petersburg.I'd like to present you my new HTML5 game HyperDiver: https://playerburg.com/games/hyperdiver/


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It is a dungeon crawler game in a minesweeper style with role-playing elements (collect loot and upgrades system) in a space setting. :)
The game is also available on Google Play, in popular Russian social network and on some online games portals.

The game was developed with Phaser framework.
Server side was implemented as REST API with PHP+MySQL: leaderboards, ratings, registration, authorization

There are lots of game-design ideas still not implemented because of the lack of resources. And I learned a lot while working on this project. I've improved my skills as a game-designer and as a programmer also. There were lots of difficulties in the working process and the current minimalistic and simple version means that more than 50% of the implemented features were removed at all.

I'm novice in a game marketing and I don't exactly know how to promote my game so I don't monetize it now. If you are publisher and you think that this game has future, I will be glad if you help me to publish and promote it together as partners. I can modify the game in accordance with your request: add more features or implement any possible API.

Making a game even so simple like mine is a great journey and I wish everybody to have this kind of experience!

Good luck to all!


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Thanks to all for your feedback!:)

I will publish here full tutorial from the first level of the game:

1. Tap on highlighted cells to open fields around
2. Enemies block cells around them. Tap on the enemy, to take aim.
3. Tap on the aimed enemy, to make a shot. Shoot until you destroy the enemy.
4. Collect details to improve your ship after the flight.
5. Get fuel, necessary to HyperDive through the Blackhole.
6. With fuel, tap on the Blackhole, to move into HyperSpace.
7. Continue your journey as deep, as you can! Collect stars for a Cup to reach a goal.
8. Land on a planet to save your progress.

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