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Phaser 3 book


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There is nothing to help a beginner to phaser. Even the book for phaser 3 by Emmanuelle Ferenato its not about phaser It is rather about the logic of a game that he built. The examples ok. It is like they dont want to many people understand phaser. Or May be have to pay academy for some little piece of knowledge. Really disappointed! 

I know html javascript css jquery d3. Js but phaser has nothing for helping people want to go on! 

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10 minutes ago, makis said:

I found a great book on phaser 2. I start learning It! 

learning old software is not a very good idea though. it would be like buying a book about jQuery UI instead of React. if phaser 2 has all you need and acceptable performance then i guess that's fine but you're gonna miss out on everything that phaser 3 offers and will offer in the future. especially matter.js integration which is VERY cool.

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On 4/21/2020 at 12:14 AM, EvilPixi said:

I received this book by e-mail, but its pretty much like the phaser intro tutorial and a bit more.



I searched on Amazon, this is what I need. Although now I have to suspend my studies, as I am very busy with assignments in college. Now I am preparing written work and have already found a suitable option for their implementation with the help of reviews Pick The Writer. Now for me, this is a priority, so I spend almost all my free time on preparation.

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