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Web Game Editor (MMORPG)


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I'm proud to talk about version 2 of my MMORPG editor (FR and ENG) that I renamed to "Web Game Editor" instead of "HeroonEngine" which was a name that looked too much like another existing editor. This version 2 comes with a new, more modern, community-based website. It will be possible to find a manual and video tutorials for getting started, as well as a shop and a forum (FR and ENG).

The editor has undergone many improvements, new features and various fixes to make it more stable, more functional and more successful. Some things have been totally rewritten. It will come with a small Integer demo that contains two terrain and plenty of media on offer.

I should hopefully release version 2 in the month and make an announcement of its release. For the moment I present it here. I have been working on this editor for years since BabylonJS was born. The editor has been renamed 4 times and rewritten 3 times totally and this name is the last change.

Content and features:


• A project creation and opening editor named: Project Manager.
• A project management editor to create Beta Test and Release to FTP updates from your local computer.
• A Media Editor to import 3D models, textures, images, music, sounds and videos.
• An actor editor with many customizations to create players (PCs), nonplayers (NPCs) and animals. You can give them skills, resistances, give them very different appearances, a type of behavior ...
• An animation editor for each actor by configuring their states.
• An article editor to create armor and equip your actors with weapons and others.
• A skills editor to create special features for your actors.
• A faction editor to create a political system of the game or AI.
• An item editor to create interactive objects to pick up.
• A 2D and 3D particle editor to create special effects.
• An interface editor to customize it.
• A zone editor to add objects to the terrain, create portals, lights, sound zones, realistic water, invisible collision walls, script trigger zones, paths for your NPCs ...
You can create clones and instances on your objects, and you can group and merge them into a single object that shares the same materials.
• In field editor integrate with the area editor allowing you to paint up to 8 textures and model the terrain to your liking.
• A powerful scripting system with Javascript, JQuery, PHP, MYSQL but also Lua which will be interpreted as javascript. Script documentation is available directly in the script editor. Scripts are provided by default.
• The server uses NodeJS and is designed with a Cluster mode. A master creates and manages multiple nodes based on the number of core of the machine. This allows very good performance for a significant number of online players. The server can be started from the project management editor with one click.

Here is some screenshot:






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Cooooool.  Nice work, D72! 

Oh, the pets and NPC AI systems could be SO SO much fun to design.

Really, the generated "traits" of the NPC... should determine WHICH faction an NPC is most-likely to "gravitate-towards", eh?

Perhaps NPC could also decide to be faction-free, because one of his/her traits is high-independence.

Same for "pet NPC's" like girlfriends, boyfriends, and other "non-leashed" sidekicks.

For example, a guy NPC might try to "pet-up" with a pretty girl PLAYER... if he has low .independence, and high .attractedToBeauty.  The girl will allow none, some, or all "sidekick/pet" attachment, dependent upon HER traits (with choice also being a factor, of course.  She's player class.)

Also, NPC could follow SOME traits of a faction, or complete devotion to a faction's policies/ways, also dependent upon NPC traits.  The NPC could be partially devoted to 2 or more factions, even.

Example:  NPC likes the way the Quakers think on ONE issue, and likes Buddhist policies on ANOTHER issue.  Split devotion.  WOW!

Then, bring inventory into .likelyhoodOfAttractingCarnivorousPets property.  heh. 

Is player carrying fresh meat?  Carnivorous pets would be wanting to "pet-up".

Carrying jewels/gems?  No smell, and likely hidden, so thieves will not be attracted.  :)

If jewels are worn, thieves will be trying to pet-up (sidekick-up), because of attraction.

SO FUN!  BIG monster AI/petting/sidekick system... takes a year to code!  heh

Spreadsheet-ish, eh?  Each ss cell is a property, with many cells affecting the values of many other cells, via cell formulas.  Phew.

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SO, D72... what did you think of the "side kick" idea?  (Like Robin is to Batman)

Are NPC's, pets, and sidekicks, all from the same base class, ya think?

What will cause a pet-up, partner-up, etc?

What would break-up this link?

For example, if player had a dog for a pet, and then player killed another dog, would that cause a de-pet?  :)

You almost need a "Pets & Sidekicks Engine" with its own programming language, so users can program their own "influencing factors/formulas"

A robot... could be a pet, too.  It could be a combat robot... no fear at all, and always steps-in to defend its "master".  But, it constantly seeks Duracells to munch-on... lots of them. :)

Yeah... fuzzy-logic companion bindings engine.  Weird.  I love thinking about it.  My whole world is fuzzy logic.  (ahem)

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I made a complete redesign of Web Game Editor  which now no longer uses the tabbed system. Instead, I wanted to do something more modern and more original. I recreated a system in the Windows 10 style with a customizable desktop, movable icons that can open editors and others.

In the previous version I loaded all the engines for each editor which made 8 in total. In this version I only load 1 engine when opening an editor. If you open a second editor, a second engine is loaded. and if we close an editor, the engine is removed.

When multiple windows are open, they are in the taskbar and each window can be minimized and reopened as does Windows 10.

I also made a "menu start" the "W" at the bottom. which allows you to create projects, change the language, update, start the game to test it and somethings else.

I am rather satisfied with this redesign. I intend to release this version 3.0 this Friday, November 14th. I'll make an announcement that it will be ready.

Here is an image of this redesign in the Windows 10 style :



I hope that you will like. Do not hesitate to tell me what you think of this originality. It's something I've never seen before and I find the idea pretty cool. But I am interested also by your point of view to you.


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