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Hi Everyone, So I'm attempting to learn Javascript as well as can be expected, and I'm considering what are the absolute best assets where I could learn it? Books, sites whatever you folks figure its the most ideal approach to learn without anyone else please I am truly getting a charge out of learning and I might want to seek after this as a lifelong one day.

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Hi Arjun,

Here I am sharing with you the tips through you can learn Javascript easily:

  • Buy a book (or find a good one for free online but with copyright, Authors works hard and they do books for a reason), read it, do all the code on your computer and then go to code byte and try to solve all the problems with what you have learned.
  • Install NodeJS and write your code in the console, you can use Google Chrome web developer tools for this reason but having a console makes me feel more comfortable.
  • Learn all the keystrokes and put some steroids on your text editor, I recommend Sublime Text, but you can use anyone you like.
  • Review your code, try to find a better solution. Think in terms of Big O.
  • Never stop solving problems, by problems I mean logic/mathematics problems. The best way to learn a language is to put it in practice (coding) every day. Eventually, you will find yourself looking at the language documentation and doing the right thing.
  • Take one step at a time, don't try to understand everything at first sight. There are some concepts like closures in JS that will take you several times to understand.
  • Keep active in forums and only ask questions when you cannot find the solution googling or looking at the language documentation.
  • Subscribe for a JS newsletter or JS group or just follow Quora/Stackoverflow.
  • Find somebody in your area or online (maybe a work) and ask that person if she/he can be your mentor (of course this person has to be a JS developer), it doesn't matter if this person is not a JS Guru what you need is somebody that has the same interest on learning. Learning together is more fun than learning alone that's why people use social networks for learning (here, Stackoverflow).
  • Keep reviewing some computer science basic topics like hash, linked-lists, mapping, binary trees...
  • When you get stuck with the language take your dog for a walk (this solve everything) and if you don't have a dog get one it will help you a lot (I use to explain my code to my friend's dog when I do code, I don't have a rubber duck).
  • Have a notebook and a pen with you so you can make notes about functions, algorithms, workarounds. (You can use Evernote for this reason too but I just like to write down).
  • Have a goal in mind, find a situation where you force yourself to write an app or software, I learned AngularJS doing a web app to storage my weekly laundry so I could tell when it was the right time to do the laundry. The point is you need to find a project to do just for fun and you will eventually learning cool stuff.
  • JavaScript is a tough language because it will let you do anything with it and it will never complain back to you. That's why there are good bad programmers in JS because is a very flexible language.
  • Enjoy what you do, you will love programming in JS. (you will hate some parts though).
  • Never forget every web browser has a different JS interpreter so try to go with the most implemented functions (better safe than sorry). There polyfills (workarounds) you can use to make JS functions cross-browser.

Apart from this, you can follow these courses to start your Javascript Learning Journey. 

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