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Continuous Intellectual Property infringements


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Every time I check FBIG I see many of our games.  Thousands of plays, hundreds of thousands of ad-impressions.  Cool ... right?!

However, we never posted them there?  They are ALL Intellectual Property and Licensing infringements.  We receive $0.

So we submit a takedown notice, on a per-app basis, and in fairness to FB the game usually goes soon after.  It's a slow and tedious process, designed to "check-the-box".  I expect the perpetrator receives no income from their dodgy deed, and they are likely inconvenienced with a suspended account?

But, next day, same deal - new user, new thumbnail, new game name, new app id - still our same IP being violated.  There is no apparent progress by FB to improve the situation, refine the review process, take responsibility and clear up their publishing mistakes?

This might be defensible if Facebook wasn't making money from these circumstances, or if the same content wasn't being re-published and "takedown"ed on multiple occasions.

Derivative and plagiaristic heuristics exist (as is seen if a video with non-licensed music is posted to Facebook) - it would be trivial to run a source code pattern match against previously submitted takedowns, and flag those in need of scrutiny.  Such a routine might even improve the signal-to-noise-ratio on the plaform (and improve user-experience and eCPM for legit games)?


For anyone else impacted by similar issues the direct reporting link is:
You'll need to be a member of Facebook to report Facebook's "violation or infringement of your rights".

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This story gets even sadder.  We just received a lawyer threat from a self-important game studio because one of our (stolen) games is published on Facebook Instant Games (not by us) and altered (not by us) to include aforementioned studio's precious trademark and logo (some minor game title that we'd literally never heard of outside of a descriptive term for a road surface).


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