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I want to make a leader board


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I made an endless runner game using panda2 and it is working perfectly , now i want to add a leaderboard but when i searched in panda2  documentation i did not know how can i make it , can anyone help me please ?!

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Hello , Are you planning to add online leaderboaror offline leaderboard???

about offline

You can try  localStorage to save the score.




about online, you need to use server side programming languages

if your game export to mobile device, you can integration Google play services


hope can help

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15 hours ago, Hosh said:

but how can i also make a text field and take player name ??

For example, like this: https://plnkr.co/edit/CJ9iGJr4mkysO5t0?preview

<!doctype html>

        <input id="nameField" value="Enter your name...">
        <button id="okButton" onclick="okButton_OnClick()">Ok</button>

          function okButton_OnClick() {
              var nameField = document.getElementById("nameField");
              var name = nameField.value;


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Try this example, simple way to make player input his name


Keyboard: input you name

Enter: Enter your name  (only input number and alphabet )

.body(function() {

game.createScene('Main', {
    init: function() {     
        this.Name = [];
        this.InputField = new game.SystemText('Enter Name:');
        this.InputField.size = 30;
        this.YourName = new game.SystemText('');
        this.YourName.position.y = 50;
        this.YourName.size = 30;
        this.YourName.color = 'yellow';
    keydown: function(key) {
      if(key === "BACKSPACE" || key === "DELETE"){
      }else if(key === "ENTER"){
      this.YourName.text = "Your Name: " + this.Name.join("");  
      else if(window.event.keyCode > 48 && window.event.keyCode <90){   
      this.InputField.text = this.Name.join("");



Hope can help

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